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A question about clan

AuthorA question about clan
Hi, i'm thinking of creating a clan in the future but i have a problem with the money, so my friends are willing to help me by giving me some money. So, if for example they give me 5000 gold which is the 10% of the total cost, they are elegible to earn 10% of the earnings, aren't they? What i want to say is, will i be accused or break any rules by senting them the 10% of gold gained? Because, i don't want to be illegible in any way, so please inform me. Thanks!
They can only send you gold up to 30% of their current wealth, anything beyond that is against the rules. If you are expecting to earn gold from a clan, you may be disappointed. If you do earn money with your clan, you can only send them gold according to the same 30% rule as above.
So i must only returned the money the will give me
returned*=return. And one more question. So you are sayning, there is no way of earning gold by creating a clan. For example entrance fee, or clan donation.....
Just consider some questions:

1. Why would anyone join your clan at all?
2. Even if some join, they won't pay taxes just to make 'owners' happy
3. Clan donations are also not made for fun but for any reasonable goals

Generally even military clans do not have any tax, however there are a lots of goals set and being a member gives one some honor!
so generally a crator of a clan wastes a lot of money, not only in crating a clan but for sending clan invitations too and gets nothing back? Shade, beacause i was going to create one but with these conditions, i won't. I can't aford it.
Dont think clans as a funding tool. Clans (imo) should offer a service, some benefit for players so they want to be in. Else only a few close friends joins and clan growth stops there.

Me and 3 friends paid and bougth a clan, worked real hard to regulate clan activity. Now we have 150+ players, most of them paid their entry plus 500, and now we are collecting tax too.
Ok, but is there any website about clan building and how you can manage a clan, what can you do with it, so i can be informed and may change my mind.
But you didn't answer my initial question. To make it clear, a friend gives me 5000 gold for clan, that is 10% of the total cost. Will it be illegible to trasnfer him 10% gold of earnings. For example, entree fee: a member that join pays 10000. Will i be punished if i trsnfer to my friend 10%(so 1000) of the earnings, and every time the clan gain gold?

And please give me a link with iformation about clans.

Thank you!
By the way, Selfist, you have created a good clan ;)
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