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Special Events

AuthorSpecial Events
can someone can give the complete special events here in the game, i want to know, because i did not yet experience any special events except the 2nd april fools day, which all the troops became funny..

can someone can give me the complete list?
i am just curious..im talking about the last year special events..
like during christmas? what are the special troops also..i heard pumpkins? how about ox and the rat etc..
Well, if this is the year of the _____, then we might be fighting some ______10.

Then for Christmas we have the vault (hopefully) and that nice blocking tree in the middle ^_^.

Dreadful Nightmares might be an event? I have no idea.

Then some people fought dragons......... but went AFK XD.

But yeah, dragons............
but how about that pumpkin i heard?
what are the monsters?
for EmoHearthrob:
pumpkins also?

for Yahtzee:
can you give me some link??
or a battle
can you give me some link??
or a battle


Haha, i miss this 1. I wan more! :P
The first pumpkin fight. They ambush you even when you aren't traveling.
Check this 1 :)

im sad because i did not experience this =(
but its ok ^^
at least i saw and watch like this..
i wish this november and december will have also like this..more better ^^

so it means
the other different types of troops before were:
1. yagas
2. skeletal hydras
3. Grim reapers
4. Pumpkinheads
5. Frankinstien Monster

for DragonFlayer:
oh nice ^^
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