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Gambler's Guild Guide

AuthorGambler's Guild Guide
Hi all! This is a guide to gambing i.e Tavern.It is very useful for beginners.I hope you like it.

There are 3 ways to win:

1. Demolish enemy tower (down to level 0);
2. Build up your tower to the level specified in the victory conditions;
3. Gather the specified amount of each resource type.

Each player has a tower and a wall. The wall takes damage if the card does not target the tower directly. The wall serves only for protection, hence is not that valuable.

There are three kinds of resources in game: ore, mana and troops. You will need them to play cards. In game there are cards of three colours: red, blue and green. Each card costs only one type of resource, according to its colour. The cost is specified in the bottom right corner.

Red cards require ore. They usually raise the wall level.
Blue cards require mana. They usually serve to build up the tower.
Green cards require troops. They are usually used to deal damage to the opponent

Red cards require ore. They usually raise the wall level.
Blue cards require mana. They usually serve to build up the tower.
Green cards require troops. They are usually used to deal damage to the opponent

Game interface:

Your character's tower, wall and sources are always on the left, the opponent's ones - on the right. In each of three cells in the top left corner sources are displayed. It is the quantity of resources that you gain each turn. The number in the bottom right corner of the cell is your current balance of a resource. It is as much as you can currently spend. Each turn, you play a card, and then draw a card. If you can't or don't wish to play any card, you may discard one and then still draw.
To discard, click the 'minus' button in the bottom left corner of a card. If you play a card, the resource amount written in the bottom right corner of the card will be withdrawn from your balance according to the colour of the card. The card's colour is faded if there are not enough resources to play it, but such card can still be discarded.

These recommendations are valid in case of a 1-deck match in Great Capital or East Bay, since, in author's opinion, those are the regions with the most balanced Start conditions. Some of them might still be useful in other regions' taverns.
• When having the Dragon eye (21) card in hand, do not hurry to play it. It is a perfect finisher which keeps your ability to win the match in secret. Build your tower high enough to be able to win it with that card and then play it.
On the other hand, remember that this card has the biggest tower-building bonus. When you see your opponent lacks 20 tower or less to win and disposes of 21 mana, cut him off if you can.
• If you have the Power explosion (3) card in your starting hand and there are no cheap cards to build the tower back, do not hurry to play it. Cases when your opponent destroys your tower quickly aren't rare, so you might end up losing the game with 4/5 monasteries, unable to enjoy this card's advantage.
• If you don't have the Shift (17) card, do not build a wall way higher than your opponent's. A wall of 10-15 bricks higher is the safest case. And vice versa, if you have that card in hand, don't hesitate to raise your wall.
• Keep opponents stacks in mind. If it seems that he is saving up to play the Dragon (25), try to get ready for it to minimize the damage to your tower. Build your wall, and keep in mind that this card also drains 10 mana.

Gambler's Guild Bonuses

Level Pts Bet Bonus
0 0 0
1 10 40
2 30 200
3 60 400
4 100 600
5 150 1000
6 210 2000
7 280 3000
8 360 4000
9 450 5000
10 550 6000
11 660 7000
12 800 10000 Free drink: +1 luck for 2 hours once in 24 hours.
13 1000 11000
14 1300 12000
15 2000 20000 Free drink: +1 luck for 3 hours once in 24 hours
NICE ! ! ! ! !taken from witchhammer ? XD
Some corrections to spelling mistakes have been made.
Many people don’t know about this site so it is better if the guide is placed here. It is a very good and helpful reference for beginner level gamblers as well as high level gamblers.
for Straws:

There are recommendations also and spelling check has been done. Plus everything else is in one forum just where you need it. Specially for beginners.
Who will be able to search this guide on their own.

for Xarrior:

Yup , I was going to write that. It is better in this forum.

There's already a pinned thread introducing WitchHammer site, no need to duplicate information from that site here.
But it is still better if the information is separately here.
Many gamers wont know about that and wont go there.

Plus many experts can add more to it.
ya,i wanna add something.

focus more on mana,and stacks,when u have enough,the ball will be in ur court
Thanks for your advice xarrior.
Tip: For quick & short games play in Great Capital.
its a sticky in deed!
thank lonewolf us newbies need that.
No problem miss , I am always ready to help.
chivalry lonewolf,ur learning the traits from me.GOD JOB ! WID D GUIDE.
joking man,u have learnt 2% from me
Artic: Please make it a sticky.
Try playing in Yellow Lake.If you recieve green cards in your first turn then you can destroy your enemy very fast.That way the game can ve very short.
Dont start betting when you reach GG 1.
Instead build it up to 5/6 before starting to bet.

I'll tell you exactly what I told Xarrior...

I understand that you are trying to be helpful. That is noble and to be encouraged, but please stop just copying and pasting information that is already readily available on WitchHammer. If you have additional information, analysis, or tips for new players that is not readily available elsewhere, it is most welcomed.

As a newer player, you can bring a valuable perspective and fresh set of eyes to our forums so I don't want to discourage you from contributing, but please try to contribute in a manner that takes advantage of your fresh perspective here.
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