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Demon or Barbarian

AuthorDemon or Barbarian
hi,i am a lvl4 demon with skill lvl 2,and HG 2.

i am thinking of switiching over to barbarian,but the problem is tht when i switch to barb i will be having 0 skill points,will this chang be profitable or will it end up,as a Bad Accnt.
At your level switching isn't a problem. The only real concern is the amount of gold.
Every faction has its ups and downs, and you can earn FSP. Though your rate would be slower than others, but it wouldn't be a very large difference.... At your level, Barbarian FSP does not matter. But as you reach level 5, then you may face problems against spellcasters as your FSP is low.
wat is FSP?

and i do only hunts,no duels.

for Pantheon:i won a survival 2nd so i might get alteast 10k
in my suggestion u should continue with demon..and raise spell power and mana to b a mystic demon and to won duels (also):) by it.
i need money LOTS.for spawns,that was my plan originally,well..
FSP :Faction Skill Points

caster creature(lorekeeper/magi) exist in hunts too...

play for fun (not to be 'strong', etc), choose whichever u WANT... that's how to play a game ;)
FSP doesn't give you resistance against neutrals ;)
Getting higher LG should help you switch and have no problems with money later :D
for demon the more FSP the more u can gate.
For barbarian the FSP the more magic resistance.
check here and then decide...
FSP doesn't give you resistance against neutrals ;)

But against its spells?

caster creature(lorekeeper/magi) exist in hunts too...

They do, yeah, but magi caste MAGIC PUNCH which deals PHYSICAL damage and that damage cannot be reduced by magic protection. Lorekeepers can caste fire spell on which the ability would be applicable... Also such is the case with druids, like lorekeepers... Lightning deals Wind damage which can be reduced by protection.
Changing faction:
+ u won't get bored playing with only 1 faction
+ give 3% resistance per skill level to that particular faction
- costly (buildings)
- hard to do battle with that new faction (which can make it costly, because sometimes u'll have to use bettter arts to win)

If you plan to have multiple faction, better to do it in earlier lvl, because it will only get harder & costlier in higher lvl.
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