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If I wrote in a fight dirty word, but not in English. Can I be fined for it, and if so, why?? Because here the primary language of English, the word I have written in Russian.

In principle, it is not dirty, we have dogs so feminine name.
If you wrote what I think you wrote yes you can be fined if the other party complains

In principle, it is not dirty, we have dogs so feminine name

We have dogs too but we do not call them that :P
P.P.S. The word was not addressed to the enemy, but simply from excess of emotion. So I'm not even someone not offended.
i think u can be punished but u should take a look at the rules,because,u r actually calling a human being a dog.which can be a slang in many ways,ut u should apologize to that person,might work.
also if the player did not notice it then,ur safe.
jah it has another meaning
You can be punished only if the other party complains about it - because it is private mail and there is no way for anyone else to see it.

If you use foul language in any public media, you may be punished even if there is no complaint.
Thank you all for your answers. As I understand it, it's better to sit and no one else to speak.))) Topics may be locked.
closed by Lord GeWara (2010-11-10 21:22:18)
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