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Hmm.. So Who Won?

AuthorHmm.. So Who Won?

And will it shows as a win or loss for either/both players on the tourney stats since each player is only allowed a max of 10 losses?

I think it means they both lost...
Me too, but really funny :-D
I think it doesn't count at all
I think it doesn't count at all
I think they both lost.
Their combat logs show no winner bolded, so I'd assume that they both lost.
# Minor tournament
Duel type of battle is used for Minor tournament challenges. During the tournament, two characters can meet each other in the Arena only once. Each victory grants 1 point. Defeats or draws do not yield points.

both do not yield points, so i think both lost.
both lost. i hv seen similar fight before where a knight wins by escort
sorry i ddnt mean by win but the last action was done by knight.

1 lizard hit a sword , the sword perished n the lizard died coz of escort
Both Lost and no xp fsp gained?
Thats sounds no good!
Same thing happened here in my last tournament, I didn't get any exp or skill pts.
But the good thing is that, at least from my battle log, I wasn't defeated by "Mastermind swarms" (I didn't win of course) ^_^

for zea:
You should win that survival tourny

Maybe the highest score among all levels and factions based on the fact that "Mastermind swarms" always win. I guess "Mastermind swarms" also want to figure out what happened :)
not lost game - draw....

Battle count: 20 (17) Points: 9
Dropout condition: 10 defeats (7)

9+7=16 and I fought 17...
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