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Breakruler has to be punnished somehow !

AuthorBreakruler has to be punnished somehow !
I had manny battles wich where altered because of those breakrulers...

We lost time, and game resourses, for a battle that it's definitely against us !

Please, do something !
You can report Staged battles, deliberate loss etc. in CaA- Violation in Taverns and Battles
post in C&A : https://www.lordswm.com/forum_thread.php?id=125

give links and explain complaints

7. Combat description is just a request not obligation. And thus transgressing the combat description is not a violation of game rules.

If you are talking about this combat, dont even waste your time. There is no rule against joining a battle with more AP than you like. Immoral yes, illegal no.
That's why I said that somebody has to do something...
Should be a rule like that, otherwise, why we bother to write something on the descriptions...
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yup seriously.... i agree with nouri as we cant participate in group battles wid min ap ....

allowing players of the same combat lvl to do this indiretly means to say that only the players wid high ap are allowed to enjoy a normal type group battle.

There shud be smthng like a fixed command for an ap limitation that the battle creator can set for the players.(including himself)
Duplicate thread
Is... There a question here? Not sure why it was moved here...

Anyway, yes, something is indeed done. A clan was made a long time ago, and one of the rules in that clan is to respect "Battle Rules" (AP Level, etc.) as defined by the player setting up the battle.

By no means is this an official statement, and the actual game-rules are not about to change either. Those are as they are, at the moment.

One thing has been made officially though, in a way... The commanders guild has been created. You can't go into battle with LESS than a certain set of artifacts there. This means you won't end up with a "naked" person as your friend if you're doing a CG-groupbattle.
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