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Ambush tactic

AuthorAmbush tactic

I'm a thief. I think it's very hard, winning a lot of times is barely impossible. Look at my combat log. I don't understand it, because I read about it a lot and I use the best arts on my level. Please tell if there is a problem with my strategy. Or is it okay to lose so much? Thank you in advance!

It is okay to loose so much. Use min arts. Keep loosing them, and caravans will become weaker and weaker...
Sprites are for hunting. For ambushing use FK.
As for arts, I recommend you to use Reprisal sword+Defender shield + Amulet of luck.
Distribute all your primary points to attack.
You are wrong, he just started thieving, so losing caravans wont make them easier cause they are already on initial minimum strenght.
First caravans ARE NOT on their minimal strength!
#3 +1

If you don't hurry to a certain TG level, yes, min AP is ok. Otherwise, you will stop at level 4 because of impossible caravans and you will have to lose the same amount after.
better start TG at lvl 8 . EFK can help much.
better start TG as early as possible
The real strategy on how many arts to use against caravans is realizing at what TG level do you intend to stop at. If you intend to stop at low TG levels, then full arts is okay. If you intend to stop at high TG levels or never stop, then you should be using min or half arts.

Caravan difficulty barely increases/decreases with each win/loss. While a few AP less or more significantly affects your chances of winning.

Of course what also matters is the amount of gold you have (or are willing) to spend.

You probably just bought your TGI and is all thrilled and excited to dive right in to thieving (I can still remember I was like a teenager on a first date when I was about to start my first ambush. haha..).

My advise is to fight the urge, take a step back, and learn(read) all you can about ambushing. A good place to start would be the thief thread -


Imho, you REALLY need to know what is your primary goal of thieving coz different players do it for different reasons:

- To attain the bonus Initiative from leveling up in the Thief guild,
- To build a secondary faction(s).
- To speed up the leveling in combat level and main faction (great exp and fsp for winning ambushes compared to other 'daily' type of battles),
- To get the bonus TGI when you get TG5,
- To actually make a profit (Some say yes, some say no) by doing in min arts, then selling the thief arts you get at each TG level, gold for winning ambushes, and og course the TGI you get at TG5, etc.

If winning ambushes is your aim, then I strongly suggest that you,

- study the different types of caravans you will face and work out a battle plan to maximize your winning chances (initial troops settlement, to charge forward or wait for them to come to you, what to attacked first, etc)

- Look at experienced thieves' ambushes (may not be a lot at your combat level) and learn the DOs and DON'Ts.

Remember, once you are in the thief guild, you are forever in it, and you can do ambushes almost anytime you want, so don't rush it.
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