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Little ambusher FAQ


AuthorLittle ambusher FAQ
The thief FAQ

Here is my thief FAQ, i've started to rent my TGI and have so many questions i've choosed to publish those questions here I don't pretent this faq is completely exact, I just hope it will be usefull for those who are starting ambushing, or plan to do it asap.

* Prerequisites:
You have to be level 6 to start Thief ambushes. You must own a "Thief guild invitation", that can be bought with diamonds or rented to some players who owns one (see the forum in leasing section). You can even buy a thief invitation some are for sale from time to time but they are expensive.

* I've used the Thief guild invitation, but it desapeared:
It's the way it should be. You will get another thief guild invitation when you will reach thief guild level 2. This thief invitation granted as reward when you reach TG level 2 must be returned to the leaser (in case you leased the thief invitation)

* Some said to me that it's impossible to achieve TG level 2 in less than two weeks at combt level 6, they say I should wait for being level7 to achieve.
This is untrue. This may have been the case months ago but now you can expect reaching thief guild level 2 in less than two weeks and without diamond upgrades while being combat level 6. I know a player who done this in one week and one day, without diamond upgrades and without wearing an unconsidered quantity of artifacts (he even had a low faction standing so...you can do it).

* Some said to me that it takes 3 weeks to achieve thief guild level 2 while starting at level 7. It can take more if you just play one hour a day!

* I've started my first ambush, but many minutes after, nothing came. This is because you must ambush in the south of the map. It seems there is more pve caravans traveling between locations where real heroes travels the most. As most players are traveling to yellow lake in order to take their mercenary quest, you should ambush starting from yellow lake, or at destination to yellow lake.

* I am in yellow lake, have set an ambush, but nothing happened too
I've noticed it tends to have less caravans when less players are connected. Check the amount of players connected, if you see this is normal (1000+) cancel the ambush and start one another.

* Can I choose pve or pvp ambushes?
No it's the game server that chooses for you. It tends to be 5-6 pve ambushes for 1 pvp.

* I was told I can set up an ambush and fight alone against two opponents, is this true?
Yes it is (against real heroes). It's rather rare, but it occurs from time to time. It occured 2 times a day, but this was my record and never occured 2 times a day again.
In this case, don't loose faith. You can have one of the opponent afk, so you only have to concentrate on one enemy and pray the second won't come back.
There are players who travels without or just with one or two units, you can have one of those opponents in the battlefield.
Of course, the more players connected on the server, the more you have chances (or bad luck)to have a doubl ambush.
Thus if you are full arts and your opponents don't wear artifacts, you have chances to win.

Whatever your case, good luck but if you win the ambush, be prepared to earn a big bunch of experience and skill points;) (you'll have a good reward on xp even if you loose)

* I can't setup ambushes anymore, what's wrong?
If you loose an ambush you have planned, you can't ambush again for one hour. Just check your combat log to see when you will be able to ambush again.

* I was told to wear full arts in order to hope reaching TG level 2 in less than two weeks is it true?
Those who says this are jiking. The more arts you wear, the more chances you have to win. But if you don't have a lot of money left, don't worry.
Almost all caravans are really easy before reaching thief guild level 1. In fact you should be able to do almost all of them (from thief guild level 0 to 1) without wearing full arts. After thief guild level1, pve c
pve caravans tends to be a bit harder.
You can achieve TG level 2 in less than 2 weeks without wearing full arts, but for shure if you have little time to play it's better to be full arts to
avoid the one hour penalty in case you loose an ambush.

* Is there only one type of caravan per faction?
No there is many per faction.

* How does the difficulty factor of caravan works?
I don't have the exact formula but it works like this:
a) You won against a certain type of caravan (remember each faction has different tyes of caravans): The next time that you will encounter this type of caravan,
it will be harder (there will be greater stacks, or the stacks can be tech 2 in place of tech 1).
b) You have lost against a certain type of caravan: The next time that you will encounter this type of caravan, it will be a bit easier (you loose some
numbers in stacks, but not so many).

* Is the dificulty of caravans linked to my combat and thief guild level?
Yes, the more your thief guild level and your combat level are high, the more the caravans are hard to manage.
Most caravans are a pain even with full arts while being thief guild level 4 and combat level 9 (for me but there is some factions/players who may won't find em difficult?)

* There are some caravans I never manage to win.
You will sometime find a type of caravan you won't be able to win (think about ambushing 4 devils and ther army while being combat level 6, it's
not possible to win). If you gain another combat level, you have chances to win those ones.

* How to win ambushes?
Learn by reviewing other thief replays.
Don't hesitate to try different talents, it's free and you can do it as often as you like.
Try a potion of oblivion in case you are loosing too many caravans while growing to TG level 2. For example, I found that a demons that owns some magic
is usefull in a regular pvp battle, but not as usefull when ambushing, so i've placed all my skills points in attack.

Learn to place your troops!
A good part of the job comes from your troops placements;)

Against real players, your strategy should be "strike first". It seems to me as ambusher you have a little bonus in the ATB for the first turn,
try to use this advantage to deal damages to your most feared stacks.
Against IA, learn which of your troops the IA will agro first (it's almost the range shooters, but it can be something other like diamond upgrades units).

Don't forget when playing against the IA that the hero will be overpowered compared to yours, you'll have to deal with that, and it will be harder and harder
each time you win!

* But I would like some advises for pvp
I won't give one

* But I would like some advises for caravans
For those, I can give some, based on my demon experience, this may be completely different depending your faction, but I'll try to stay as general as possible:
a) against necro caravan: The idea is to avoid spreading your troops all around the battlefield. If you spread your troops too much, the hero can raise
all he's most dangerous stacks. There are many tactics to achieve this, I like taking aggro with my succibies...
b) against wizards: The hero is extremely powerfull. Kill the casters first, and avoid placing all your troops in the same place (the contrary vs necros)
because eastern spikes do great damages. It seems mechanical units are never repaired...If you place your troops properly and the maggi are out of mana,
you could even have some free friendly kill because they don't hesitate to use their shoot ability.
c) barabians: they have a rather low initiative, try to engage ogres while being on a side to avoid being projected some cases away....be aware of chief
orcs, they are amazing! ogre mage don't use their mana atm.
d) dark elves: those ones are not easy for me, those boring screws are horrible, you know what to do, be careful of the hero that is almost as powerfull
as wizard heroes. If you manage to kill those
If you manage to kill those screws fast, you have chances to win (but they have an enormous initiative, this is a bit difficult to do)
Those caravans are the hardest one for me (and obviously the most frequent with demon ones...).
e) demons: don't do the error to focus succubies first (nor targeting gated units, you won't earn additionnal xp by killing them). The best is to kill
all wolves first, avoid succubies shoots by placing some poor stack just in front of them. Be carefull the demon hero owns the fireball spell (even at
level 6) which does amazing damages so don't hope protecting your range shooters because protecting stacks will suffer a lot. So here it's a good idea
to spread your troops all around the map. Pray you won't ancounter too much devils...
f) elves: well elves have enormous initiative and great damages. But they don't tank (there's druids but...). Try to block as many archers as possible while
you're cleaning sprites and (elite) forest keepers. Grandmasterbowmens can make you loose your turn so be aware of them. The elves heroes abuses
mass rapid spell (but i haven't seen them casting something other).
g) knights: they tend to have not too much swordsmens but a great bunch of farmers/recruits, bowmens (that don't use the volley), crossbowmens and
griffins. I haven't found em difficult so it's hard for me to give some advises here. (shoot griffins, block and shoot range shooters and finish all those

Again those advises are based on a demon view, take them as is.
Good job on the FAQ :)
Very good zouris, but I have to correct you only on one point: elves' carovan heroes can cast also mass stoneskin spell. Good work, by the way!
he yes i forgot the stone spell it seems;(
oh, but there's no problem, you have done one of the best job in this community ;)
Good job on the FAQ :)
also i would like to add some commect abt difficulty. It depends on faction u play. while DE and elf have not much problem with caravans and can equip cheap arts wizard and necros should always play with full arts (caravans arent considered neutral so wizard has no dmg bonus to spell while necro got slowest units usualy moves after enemy moves all troops ).
Good Good
good note: if u find a wizards caravan with 250 enchanted gargoyls don't dream to win , and if u find a caravan of DE with very high spell power ( level 9=21 spell power) normally it comes 4 large units, pray to god that u will have more moral to kill his big life hydra unit fast before he casts 4 times spell lol .
and against daemons yes only devils are the problem ( not for charging lizards) , try always to open way for ur lizard charge into the devils while taking retaliation by poisoners , with knight , i don't think there is any knight who ambushes with more crossbow and less swords so against deamons don't dream to win .
I find that elves caravan also cast stone skin that add up defense.
As I observe other player play,some of them deal low damage after the elf heroes cast stone skin.
About knight....

i did it sometimes, and i found myself very good, with the right equipment and tactical disposition. And i kill 3-4 carovans with daemons (one with 5).
Do we have racial damage resistance against caravans? For example knight level 5 does get 15% less damage from Knight Caravans?
good job
For Knight Caravans... there is a specific caravan with a good number of Cavalry with fairly good defense. Considering how easy all the other Knight Caravans are, it's best to play it safe as an elf and choose Cavalry as your FE.
Good job on the FAQ :)
>>> Nice share :)
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