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Little ambusher FAQ


AuthorLittle ambusher FAQ
thanks but tat is not 'little'
Also I forgot to mention how the money reward for an ambush is calculated!

It's not really hard to understand, your target will lost some money if you win, and that amount is multiplied by your thief guild level.

- if your opponent looses 100 Gold, and you are thief level 2, you'll earn 200gold
- if your opponent looses 100 Gold, and you are thief level 5, you'll earn 500 gold

Can't wait to be thief level 10;)
Good job zouris!

I just get TGI lv.2 BUT if I have read your post before my Thieving may be easier.

For my experience, I start Thieving at early Lv 7 with Lv.0 Barbarian no Diamond upgrade. I use Advance luck talent and full set artifact that cost me around 500-560 per combat. I do only Thieving and get to Lv 8 while at TGI Lv 1 -->2.

There is my statistics.
Total combat 171 win 120 = 70.18 % Total time 10 days and 14 hours

At Lv 7 win 89 from 122 Lv 8 win 31 from 49

I thinks I used around 85000 gold during thiving and 40000 gold when level up from 7 to 8 and another 50000 gold for full set that have some durability left. SO PREPARE GOLD BEFORE RENTING TGI. [I left 2000 gold when finished]

For detail stat look at my profile.

IMO : Thieving with 1 Player is very easy if you are full set and they are not use full set even they are diamond upgrade. With 2 player only chance to win is 1 player AFK or come with 1 man.
With caravan, Elf and Barbarian is hard, Wizard and demon is average, Knight and DE is easy.
Question: Is there a difference between setting an ambush Great Capital<->Yellow Lake and Yellow Lake<->Great Capital?
no i dont think so
good job
I think to be a TG level 2 in just 2 weeks is possible I did it in 15 days only .. ^^ with no good arts ... and get 80% of wins of all my battles .. ^^
OK, I did TG level 2 in 8 days, with about 90% of won battles, who would count that. Anyway, question number 24. Any answer involving more of knowing than thinking?
Good job on informative FAQ. However, it should be noted that the talent "tactics" has no apparent effect on ambush scenarios.
Actually "tactics" does have an effect for the ambusher. You get to use 1 additional square horizontally and vertically in each corner.
Well, for the ambusher perhaps, just not the "ambushee." :P
Great Capital u have a grater chance right
Something that must be mentioned:
It takes about 1hr game play per battle on average to get the job done to TG lvl 2.
Winning rate varies depending players ability, artifacts and faction - with wizards being the worse faction for ambushes- from 45% to 85% (max I have heard)
That is, any player who intends to get a leased TGI should precalc to my opinion a minimum of 150 game hours for the lease time he gets the TGI, otherwise fun can turn into nightmare...
aww LOL im dumb :(
just figured out how to check who ambushed you by going to the <Battles> page
Lookit my Combat Log on 03-25-09 from 03:50 to 05:22, three ambushes, all PVP in a row. It's hard enough for a Wiz to do a successful pve ambush.

All 3 ambushes were YL to Capital. Is that why there's a higher incidence of pvp?
I am soon going to rent TGI. A question before that ?

I have a full art set,now so when it is used up, should I repair it , rather than buying a new one ? Waiting for quick reply.
unless its enchanted, you should buy a new set. But I see that 2 of your arts have some major enchantments on them, so I suggest you repair those and sell (and repurchase) the rest
for Javi:

Ok & Thank you :)
for Javi:

Actually, I was enchanting the whole set, so shld I repair the whole set ? Is it economically ok?
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