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luck vs morale

Authorluck vs morale
for knight, which is better :

1 luck + 5 morale?


2 luck + 4 morale?

thx for advice
1 luck + 5 morale
Morales happens more often than the lucks .. :)
i heard max point for morale is 5? for better turn, should my troop wait or move even 1 step?
Knight faction topic: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1842541
more morale give you more chance to get your move; the more move you get, the higher chance you trigger luck.
Gimme +2 speed anytime. heh.. :p

Bur seriously, it depends on battle and generally-speaking, +1 more Morale is a 25% increment, but +1 Luck is 100% higher chance of triggering. :)
Morales happens more often than the lucks .. :)

No not really. Why should it?

But for knight, I would pick morale, because it can boost knight`s slow troops. Your stacks should be strong enough to hit hard even without luck, so being able to move faster should be a priority.

But its pretty much based on your style. :-)
for better turn, should my troop wait or move even 1 step?

I am not sure what do you mean by better turn..
Waiting and morale burst is the same thing in means of when you get your next move.
2 luck 4morale
I don't have much experience with knights but troups are really slow without morale and morale talents costs less than luck ones :)
1 luck is better than 1 morale (luck can also trigger on retaliations).
isn't morale-boost faster then 'wait' ?
^ They are equal.

Another point, 0.5 extra turn from every morale burst also give another chance to trigger luck / morale.
Waiting and morale burst is the same thing
Anyway you look at it, they cannot be compared easily:

Yes, luck triggers even during retaliation strike.
Yes, morale triggers during move too, but luck only during attack.
Yes, morale gives you another chance to trigger luck.

When you look at it from one way or another, they are hard to compare. One boosts your initiative, one boosts your damage. Knights in most cases dont need much damage boost because they have large stacks of strong slow troops. So I would rather go for morale.

But you will have to choose yourself. You might as well go holy magic, defence or dark magic.
better battle fury + rally
1 luck + 5 morale
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