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Faction Smilieys

AuthorFaction Smilieys
For chat rooms.
I'm tired of only seeing the Barbarian representation of a smiley (:viking:), how about one for each faction? Heck, what were admins thinking with that silly boxer in the first place?! I haven't seen the pugilist talent yet!

Besides who could resist spamming 3 pointy-earred bow-slinging elf-smileys? Or the red faced, horned demon smiley? or the Skull smiley representing necromancers?

Side note, it'd be nice to be able to add smileys (and the aforementioned) into forums.

:dark elf:
seems good...
+1 ^^ You stolen my concealed idea :P
it dawned on me after posting this that they already have symbols for each faction...

sword for barbarian, leaf for elf, cross for knight, etc

...just wondering now why they havent allowed at least those to be posted in chat rooms or forums.
why not?

+1 from me

but this should be done after dwarves ...)
I seen many ppl +1

But i gonna give you +5.00
There are smileys?
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