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[Lore of the Week] Voting for Week 2, Theme for Week 3


Author[Lore of the Week] Voting for Week 2, Theme for Week 3
Lore of the Week - Week 2: Rogues
[Voting Phase - from 25th April 00:00 till 1st May 23:59]

First of all, congratulations to SocialSurgery for winning the LotW#1: Angels, and Takesister for taking second place!

The voting phase to judge the following qualifying entries for week 2 has started. Please note that only MAIN characters can vote. All voters have 2 votes in their disposal for TWO of their most favourite entries. These 2 votes must be for two separate contestants and not 2 votes for one entry.

Example of voting post:

I vote for #3 and #5

Lore of the Week - Week 3: Vampires
As for the second week of LotW, the creature theme will be Rogues (https://www.lordswm.com/army_info.php?name=vampire)

For information on contest details, rules and prizes, please refer to my personal info:

Thank you!
[Player banned by moderator Kiz until 2011-04-26 00:08:57 // Important Notice: Send your entries to Kiz by PM!]

Ohroro, a dark-elf rogue, used her sandals of hastened pace to dodge from shadow to shadow at thrice the speed of any other creature. She had a task this twilight, one of malicious intent.
Ohroro snuck past many traps as she entered the palace. With her speed-enhancing footwear, she easily ran round corners, slit the throats of the guards, and returned back to cover without anyone seeing her. She smiled.
In a few minutes, she found her mission objective standing in the kitchen, getting himself a midnight snack. As Ohroro peered past the door at High Wizard Saztham, his rotund belly protruding out as if he was a pregnant whale, she concluded that there was too much fat for her to go straight for his heart, she would have to stab him in the head. She rushed him, dagger ready, when….
Saztham lazily tossed a banana peel behind him as he reached for another, only to suddenly hear a scream, a skid and a crash. He turned around to see a dark-elf maiden had smashed right into a vat of honey. “Well,”, Saztham noted as he put on his spectacles, “it seems she’s now in a rather sticky situation..”

Myths of lordswm are full of stories of beautiful and bloodthirsty female warriors known not only for thundering across arid battlefields, beheading enemies but also about their exploits, battles and the tragic story of their quen amora.
Old wise men tell that these female warriors were earlier the part of elite army of zeus and fell from grace after their queen amora turned down his request to marry his demigod son .Angry on her refusal., zeus cursed amora that she will be henceforth deprived of heaven and will reside in earth along with her female army and will eventually marry a dark elf as a punishment for refusing a demigod. So they came to live along river tsunia and were called tsun( meaning cold attitude full of disgust). Fierce in battle, they had two long blades as their weapons which were said to contain a portion of lightning of zues . Champions of hit and run , while the victim used to be captivated by their immortal beauty, they used to catch him off guard and behead him. As destined, one day the darkelf lord “ wolfran” arrived overhearing about the beauty of queen amora and in a bid to win her love he fulfilled her condition of defeating her. So amora married him and gave him command of her powerful magic arrow and the control of his troops. But as fate would have it, the demigod, the son of zues angry with her disapproval came disguised as wolfran when he was away and killed an unsuspecting amora. Such was the short love story of amora, but the army of those female warriors called tsun, equipped with blades of lightening of zues still serves the dark lord wolfran who is himself equipped with the magic arrow of amora and fondly calls this army by the name-- Rogues : the mistresses of deception and murder.

The Dark Elves severed all ties with their sylvan brethren soon after the events at Verdant Dell*. They then seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth for the several centuries, until they suddenly re-emerged from their underground dens in droves.

The first to emerge were the Bandits, whose job it was to scout out the new world. The Rogues were soon to follow. Although low in numbers, these crafty maidens makes full use of the gifts bestowed upon them by their new masters. A flair for stealth combined with their own altered form of the Elven battledance makes these warrior maidens a true terror to meet on any battlefield.

In times of both peace and war, the Rogues are vital for the upkeep and maintenance of the underground homes of the Dark Elves. They keep the minotaurs under control, control all aspects of trade within their society as well as with other factions and otherwise perform many of the functions necessary for the day to day functioning of their society.

* Once the Elves realized that a fair number of them were diverging from the path they had followed for millenia, they attempted to reconciliate with the soon-to-be Dark Elves. Unfortunately, the talks [which took place in Verdant Dell] soon degenerated into squabbles and the two factions just narrowly avoided a direct war.
Votings may start for entries from post#2 to #4.
Post #4
Post #2

* btw I think I like the anonymity better this way.
Post #2

* btw I think I like the anonymity better this way.

Also, come on, guys! There were several times more entries than this last week. Including some really good ones. I'd like to read some more like that for next week, and I'm sure more than a few other players feel the same.

In fact, I'll donate 1 toadstool to the prize pot [for next week] for every contestant who joins :)
for SwitchBlad3:
You are too generous~ :)

for everyone else:
This thread is hungry for your votes. Feed it before something bad happens.
Also if you are not clear on how to contest works, you can send a message to me. Replies guaranteed :)
My vote's favourite number is 3!
Post #2 and post #4.
Wish there were more choices though
Post 2#
Wish there were more stories though

Still plenty of time left for voting and/or sending in your entries [via pm to Kiz]
I vote for post #3 and #4
Vote for #3
I'll be voting for #4 :)
I vote for #2.

Come on guys,give your entries.
Just like switchblad i'd donate 500 gold to the pot for every contestant who joins:)
For for number 1-2-3-4;)
for coolahed:
this thread isn't made for flooding I'd advise you to visit off-game forum for that.
Vote for #2 Very funny and nice.
I vote for post #2 and #3
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