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Dwarves faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorDwarves faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy
first messages / rumours about dwarves (war) are older than a year
What are the odds they will appear in 5 days ....?
max. 10% chance for dwarfes in 3rd anniversary...
I live in hopes, but Admins,Lexa very lazy here.
we have to wait for Arctic.
I'd say, almost none.

According to Arctic, dwarves will only be implemented when balanced, and as far as I know, there have been no recent updates to balance dwarves on .ru. I kinda enjoy to think that .ru is doing the dirty work for us hehehe.
which are the factions (pvp lvl 14+) harder to fight for dwarves?
The faction has not even arrived but there are already so many posts in this thread :)
for Liongo:
bcoz so many players wait they=)
I think this topic is useless!
No dwarves will come
Since Arctic is the only admin who does something more than punishing is .com, it is very uncertain that we get dwarwes. But still, this topic has quickly grown bigger than many other racial threads, admins could notice, that we want it and testing with two servers could give them chances to balance dwarwes faster.
which are the factions (pvp lvl 14+) harder to fight for dwarves?
And on the flip-side, which factions are the easiest for dwarves to fight against?
for Pantheon:
I personally suspect Knights might be easy for Dwarves. The stun-push of the Bears easily disable the Guardians in late-to-end game, and the Guardians is usually the main force in a knight's army.

With FSP 5, which provides Elemental immunity, Dwarves may potentially ignore the spells of a Wiz and a bit of Magic DE... So that may be good.

Else mostly how you play a Holy+Offence talent faction...
Question to everyone - who gonna make Dwarves for main faction?
Not me
no money
hey guys i am lv2 dwarf. wat r the names of creatures???
maybe next anniversary ...
Don't count on it.
I am moving this thread to OGF.
Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Off-game forum".
Have fun and stay tuned for more interesting content in the nearest future!
Looking forward to that day that it will be moved back to GGF again. :D
Looking forward to that day that it will be moved back to GGF again. :D
pls help me by giving advice on how to improve on my dwarf pvp duel skills.

my username just check duels i lost. http://www.heroeswm.ru/pl_info.php?id=2750298

and please kindle give feedback on ru. or here. thansks alot.
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