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WAR! (Anniversary Edition)

AuthorWAR! (Anniversary Edition)
>>> From now until May 08 **11 00:00 LWM time <<<

* Original edition:

* Cast and Voice of WAR!:

1st period:
* Dapifer of WAR!: Liongo
* Egg cracker: qulows


2nd period

Q.What did the Rogue use for makeup ?
A. She used "Rouge"

what is fast as hell, impossible to win and friends of all
i dont know but not altleast me hehehehehe

Q. Most Wanted, Most Hated, most...guess who?
Ans. nappa92

Which distinguished LWM creature has the abilty to solve mathematical computations?
Ans: Vampire Counts!


HOW to enter your voice?
Choose and shoot only ONE prisoner above.
ex: I shoot [enter lord/lady name here]

* 2 or more prisoners who had been shot in the same highest amount will share the loot. Prisoners can shoot themself but if there's a tie it wouldn't be considered.
In case, reach most popular (highest vote), must pay 1000 gold honorary fee that'll deducted from loot.

* Slaves can't shoot.
MAIN characters only!


All contents must be specifically designed for this WAR! contest.
Voting will be held immediately after the end of submission period.
Everyone is welcome to throw something into current prize pot:

- 5000 gold (Special edition)
- ?
[Player banned by moderator Jedi-Knight until 2011-05-01 04:55:33 // By poser's request. To add the following line --> 2nd period loot is 3000 gold]
>>> CAST your jest:
Center for Applied Special Talent

* Create your own must-be-LWM-based jest (quotes, skit, or jokes).
* Any forgery attempts shall be punished by malevolent toothless-hydra in abandoned castle.
* There are rumors that the most popular will be endowed with achievement and profit (insert prize here).
* Submit entries (one per post, maximum 3) from now until May 08 **11 00:00 LWM time.
* Illiterates can seek for help from magic guild apprentices.
My entry:

The powerful and mighty councilor of foreign affairs, Councilor Quetlisse, had the honour of being in my pres... I mean... I had the honour of being in her presence. The Councilor sees me:

Councilor Quetlisse: Greetings, young lord. Fighting hard? Hopefully you are hunting down the creatures that roam this land, killing the monsters that attack innocent villagers, removing filthy conspiracies, and much more!

DragonEater: Of course! Currently enjoying tavern and doing the ocassional combat.

Councilor Quetlisse: And why so few combats? What's wrong? CHICKEN?

DragonEater: How dare you! I could beat you in a duel ANY DAY! Your dragons don't stand a chance!

Councilor Quetlisse: Oh really? Is that so?!

DragonEater: YES! I just have to be on an empty stomach.* ^^

*Notes(for confused lords): Look at my name :)
Q:what creature who love the nature most and protect it?
A:Elite Forest Keeper :)
DragonEater takes a bolt throught the neck from my brand new crossbowmen, fresh from training this morning as it happens. They wanted to test their arrows out so I was like meh, go ahead.

'I shoot DragonEater' for his lifelong commitment to comedy.
Why are knights the grumpiest faction?

Because they always have Cross Bowmen.
^^ for Elven_Lord: Shooting period for 3rd not stated yet.)
Meanwhile, until now, no one shoot any 2nd period prisoner ;)
>>> Need shooters here :D
I vote for #8
Whoops didn't mean to post that here, sorry.

I shoot DragonEater! Die!
I shoot DragonEater! Die!

^^ U can't, he's not 2nd period prisoner.
>>> Too bad no one shoot for 2nd period and will be continue on next one but no loot accumulation.
i shoot sry! (sorry love, but i think it's a good thing... i'll just shoot you in the leg or something :p)

and my entry:

Q: why are some black dragons sad?
A: they wish to be called afro-american dragons.
Q. Which creatures are the best artists?
A. Druids
(drew)- (ids)
I shoot sry

my entry:

Q: Why do dragons breathe fire?
A: They need to let off some steam

sorry mines not good -.-
my entry

Q: Why did imps perform a stun?
A: There tail caught fire
^^ Due to secret reasons, will be discontinued until further notice.
All entries will be considered.
When will the next start???
For Liongo: ^^ Due to secret reasons, will be discontinued until further notice.
All entries will be considered.
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