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Best MC leader and MC


AuthorBest MC leader and MC
This page is a vote about the best MC leader and the MC itself and also give a description why:

Jedi-Knight=#705 Angels And Demons
Nutella=#365 Warriors Guild Wrath
Patrickou=#490 European Foreign Legion
ViSao=#181 Elite Warriors
Limustudotcom=#? League of Shadows
Keepsaker=#183 Polish Elite
BoJIoD9I=#102 Dark Alliance
crys41=# Guardians Of Dragons
MoxSapphire=#279 The Dragon Slaughter
Saddam=#110 Guardians of Russia
Soathan=#654 Othelens Lights

Clan:#705 Angels and Demons

The reason i have chosen this MC leader and Clan is because the leader is a really good and skillful player a ood friend and also is not greedy. I have also voted for the clan because i am in the clan the leader is good and there are friends in the clan and it offers alot to me
Apoligies to Limustudotcom due to no clan number
Limustudotcom=# 153 League of Shadows

Btw is this thread really a great idea?
Im not sure is it legal and please dont lock also thank you for the League of shadows registration number
why is this forum? i am sure about all MC leader are very good.

i don't want to offend anybody but Sir Patrickou is the best Leader in LordsWM!!! :o)

Patrickou=#490 European Foreign Legion
Patrickou means CGSMCMLXXV and Patrickou. they are the co-leaders of #490
I am proud of my membership in this good clan ;o)
to not make this pointless and keep voting own clan i vote... pat wooot ban em all!!
Leader: Patrickou and CGSMCMLXXV

Clan: #490 European Foreign Legion
for werwobel:
Thank you for voting properly
Bravo naapa!

If this thread actually goes on, I think it should have a rule about not being able to vote for your own MC / leader.
Nutella=#365 Warriors Guild Wrath
i love the character name
I would like to change the rules of this competition a little bit and forbid the voting for your own clan/leader. I think it's the only fair thing, despite I would more than like to put the vote for our beloved leaders Patrickou and CGSMCMLXXV.
so, I vote...
Leader: Jedi-Knight (he leads the newly formed clan and already won last event, plus I like his help tools on the A&D clan site and because I believe he is active and carismatic leader)

Clan: #181 Elite Warriors (because I like the idea of quality over quantity plus I like their banner :D)
I vote for Patrickou because I am not allowed to vote for my own clan, and he posts a lot of help and advice on the forums.

As a side note, how are the majority of us meant to actually make an informed judgement as to who the best MC clan leader is, since we are only allowed to be in one. For all I know any of them could be great or useless, but since I never receive a clan message of theirs, I cannot fair;y be a judge.
i would like to vote for ViSao but this account is not active any more so i would like to vote for Patrickou
Soathan=#654 Othelens Lights

I wish I was rich.... :P
how are the majority of us meant to actually make an informed judgement as to who the best MC clan leader is, since we are only allowed to be in one.

I've been in 3, and thought each leader was excellent, and really kept their clan in control.
Pat la patata:P
patrickou is the best:)
Pat FTW !
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