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Is this legal? Topic: Personal clan pages & Authorship


AuthorIs this legal? Topic: Personal clan pages & Authorship
Oh it had 29 seconds delay ...
@Flour: I believe it was Arctic who removed the map move script from the forum. He has moderator rights over that section, together with AV. So yes, the script is illegal. On .ru the map move scripts don't even work anymore, the admins changed the coding of the map to prevent them from working.
The map change could have nothing to do with the script. Scripts break all the time because something changes in the game.
Lets assume that it was Arctic who remove the script from WG forum.
I find it's more likely that Arctic removed the script because it stopped working and he saw no point in fixing it.

That still doesn't make it illegal.
The map change could have nothing to do with the script.
Obviously they had to change the map a lot to implement the mounts.
I believe it was Arctic who removed the map move script from the forum. He has moderator rights over that section, together with AV

It would be good to have something definitive instead of, I believe. This way, we players can make the appropriate decision since many of us are using this script.

And I have seen other WG members editing WG forums posts besides Arctic and AV. So are we sure that it was Arctic himself who edited the post?

And if it's indeed illegal, has your MC sent a clan mail informing its members? I have friends in WG/WGW, and if so, they would have told me, and I would have make the necessary edits in A&D forums.

Deleting a script from an external website does not render a script illegal for people who have previously installed that script. By installing that script I was required to check for it's legality at install time. And I did! But I am not required to check every day to see if the script is still online.

If a legal script becomes illegal, an official announcement should be made either from the lwm administration or any of the official "script-empowered" people.

The announcement should be made to the whole lwm community, not only to WG/WGW clans, since the scripts are meant for the use of the whole lwm community, not only certain clans...
Not wishing to enter into this discussion, but just for clarity - yes it was Arctic who edited that post in the WG forum with the words:

"This script is no longer active since its main feature, the complex route, has been disabled by the Administration."

I have confirmed that by looking in the forum logs.
@Moving of the topic
I cannot see why this has been moved too OGF, I know that you want this closed. But this is a relevant question about the game. And I havenít received a satisfying answer yet


What is the point saying i m the first as, i m the best in...

- Patrickou

I have been clear that is it not my concern, so I am not the one trying to get a debate about that

Look at my post below. I am happy that A&D got inspired by WG, I just think that their are details needed to be addressed

First of all I would start to say that I think that it is gr8 that other clan leaders are inspired by our forums.

But remember this is not just about this specific case, I want to know what is legal and not since this is an outside server but at the same time have so strong ties to LWM. I would be good to know what is allowed and not.
But it is clear that the administrations donít want the map script to apply anymore, so I think you are going against the administration wishes by continuing offering this to members!
#27 The Q&H part forum is for Queries and help. Since you asked openly and i warned you the result could happen in private, you had chosen to go on this thread! I let it go for a while but read again all posts and you will understand! You are still waiting an answer and this debate can go on for days!

I do not mind which Clan will win or not, in my point of view, each clan are doing good and i respect both for their works! Dig in Q&H and you will see that most of the time my links are from WG website! Others sage will paste from A&H!

Just to clarify all, i like both MC and leaders (kotrin in first) but still in Q&H was not the best way when private could have done this simply!
This is a question not just too this example but to the entire situation. It is a gray area and could be nice to know what is allowed and not. So a pm would only solve it if Jedi knew what was legal, in the forum I have a bigger chance to get answers. Many have given their input and I hope I will find a satisfying answer
I still donít understand the move to OGF. But if I get the answer from this forum I actually donít care, I am just puzzled.

Win or lose? I will say this again; this is NOT about winning and losing (I donít even what we are winning or losing??). Please donít try to divert it into a debate on which clan is best or copying. My question goes beyond that.
Then i will clarify for you, only admins could clarify this point for you! None of could answer "honestly" to your deeper question and you know that! Then i will suggest you to ask this question to arctic or to secretary and wait an answer, but as said none of us could repply without misslead or missinfo!

Good luck
I am not as knowledgably as many others. And often people know answers that I didnít
Why should this be different? Maybe there has been precedence on our twin server .Ru or something else, who knows?
I have never directed my questions to the administration, and think it is generally rare. That is why we have a Q&A forum

Can't we find a way without stupid and agressive posts?
- Pat

I agree at that is why I am disappointed that you before questioned my motives in your very first post (I let it go) and now you say what I do and do not know. Frankly I find it a little insulting.
Sorry needed to be said donít want this to become uncivil, and hope I am just misunderstanding you.
I did not want to close this topic without giving Patrickou a chance to respond, but since he has not responded yet, I donít think he will.

But if you are sure I am not getting any answers I would close this topic.
I was the one who wrote the credits for all the scripts. All I did was copy and pasted the authors directly from WGW site.

I have investigated and discovered that you where indeed right. AV name was added afterwards.

So I was mistaken about this specific point, and I sincerely apologise to Jedi and any readers too have written misleading information.
closed by Lord Khellendros (2011-10-04 23:13:52)
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