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Add 'Notice' function to Character Page

AuthorAdd 'Notice' function to Character Page
I was wondering where I could put my "in game notes"
like who is:
- ply. offering enchanted weapons for lease (prices note)
- hut partners(friends of mine aren't only same lvl mates)
- blacklist of players
- MQ records

I don't think that "Personal profile" shown for all is the best place to use for above purposes, however "Notice" should be look like the same, just "hidden".

Currently I use "notepad" or "word" but an in game solution were better!
Have you tried the in-game Notepad?

It's on your Private Messages page, left hand menu column under "Notepad"
Thx that's what I was looking for!
closed by Lord RicHunter (2011-10-20 13:41:30)
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