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mercenary guild licence

Authormercenary guild licence
OK so I was thinking why dont we have a mercenary guild licence? because its annoying waiting 20-40mins for a quest
+1 .. :)
+1 "why not"
it wouldnt be hard just make a licence that does the exact same thing as in hunt but for merc
its annoying waiting 20-40mins for a quest
even if you win! like im reaching for mec level 1 (i didnt do mec when i was a lower level) and i could do it much faster with a licence or any other way of speeding up the wait
+1 :) sounds good, a lot of this game is spent waiting so some ways to reduce the wait time would be nice
suggested multiple times..
or maybe lessen the amount of time you have to wait if you win like 10-15mins
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