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We need normal tournament!!!

AuthorWe need normal tournament!!!
Tower it's stuppid, and waves is unreal...earlier I can get ~8 000 xp - 10 000 xp, bet now I can get hardly 5000...pliz return normal tournament!!!

tournament is interesting,not only you get less points,every one has it too.
Very good value experience/skills.
The old ST give you a lot of xp with minim AP but little fsp, now, the new ST required full AP, give decent xp and a lot of fsp (6 fsp at lvl 15).
new tourney is much better then old one
All in new tournament is ok except Tower.
If it was as easy to get max XP/fsp in this tournament, then it would be just perfect. But still, since you get more fsp anyway, it's better than the old one.
-1, i love new one except friendly tower, actually that tower must be neutral so that we can attack tower itself with magic or troops( :P i am necro with appa lol )
And this is leading to a more like "ideas and suggestions" topic, so either close or move this please.

There is no question which needs an answer
-1 I think new ST is great, always get around 2 fsp per match in min ap :)
Topic moved from "Queries and help" to "Ideas and suggestions".
-1, i like the new one.
-1 new one is much better
I can get ~8 000 xp - 10 000 xp, bet now I can get hardly 5000
I've watched your battles from a previous tournament.
You wore minimum arts and didn't have a good troop setup.

You should use full arts if you hope to compete in a tournament.
And you need to research how to better use your troops.
u get less exp and more fsp..so thats bad ? :o
earlier u gets more exp and less fsp u like that ? -.-
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