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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
LOT of harm :P :P
i aint playing roulette anymore with this..

but i could use some tips for future, should i ever make a new account

i'm a player short in defence
yea... once you play it enough times then you just get bored when you don't :P
another moonstone!!<3
let it rain over me :P
lucky you ! about 3 MC and not one element
about 3 MC
3? u say
i hv gone for 20 quests with no elements thn i lost count :P
Gl then you need it more than I do , I think :P
ok then

Reputation: 9.5

status: You have succeeded perfectly! Here is your reward!

You receive 65 gold, Moonstone

:P :P
and i haven't succeeded in time so...
hit me back
just to chat
truly yours
your biggest fan

this is Stan
2nd Dozen 20 or 22
OP - Hi, Roulette

Roulette - Hey my enemy !

OP - What I do you ?

Roulette - You have looted me enough

OP - So What will you do now ?

Roulette - Make you feel bad ! (24) :D

OP - T-T
OP - What I did toyou ?
Roulette bets total: 756,295
Roulette winnings total: 554,126

you are in 200k loss bro
how come have u looted roulette enough.? o.O
oh mate,
you are neck deep in debts of SO many ppl

how are you gonna recover?
I looted before but not much still roulette blames me :(
survilurgs are so unpredictable
sometimes so easy,sometimes damn hard
for -Optimus Prime-:

How much in debt are you (in total)? :O
Just curious.
how are you gonna recover?
he's gonna crate lot more accounts. feed himself.
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