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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
You won't camp rain. I see through.
Why you guys camp this much?
This game isn't only for enrolling right? ;-;
for The One Ring:
I will camp. :)
And you will notice soon.)
for Cold BLade:
If you have money , you can play. :)
And I believe in making a strong character.

By camping My LG level will increase and I will get +1 defence after every double level up.
Once I reach level 6 , I'll get myself a TGI.
After every TG level up , I will get +1 initiative (Ignoring the other benefits)
I will really get bored if i do same. :D
Its like writing few codes every hour again and again , and nothing else.

Well good for you. You are a hard worker. :D
Im patienceless fella xD
Well I wouldn't say I am a camper. I just figured what I need and what I should do. Its just part of the strategy. Once I hit 120k~150k I will jump to CL 4. :)

Objective is just to try and see if it is indeed possible for non-campers to get a TGI at CL6. :D
for Cold BLade:
This game is fair enough. :) We can save alot of gold if we don't play roulette.
At each level up we get prices to build castle.

Once we do hard work and save gold for a TGI (550k)
1 random theif set artifact at each level up.
At TG 5 :- A new TGI. :) (see the server returns our gold)
After that 1 random tactician artifact. At each level up. :)
most are
including me

but that is obvious,isn't it? :O
that was for #41145
Meh, I wish I could reach FSL 4 before CL 4.

This additional xp is killing me. :(
for MarineBiologist:
I hear you mate .
These days I'hv started hating exp. too much. :P I'm satisfied with skill points and 0 exp. ::P (But its impossible. :(
I won't be posting on this thread anymore now. :)
I am retiring from this thread.)
I had a great time with you guys.
However you are free to PM me. :)

Have a Nice day.
Lv6 Tgi is a waste
I'll say no more.
I'll get mine before end of lv10, will have tg5 by lv12
for The One Ring:
Did I tell you to advice me? :3
Or did I tagged you in my post to check whether I was right or not? :)
Please don't bound me to post.)

Although you don't have any strong reason to indicate that it's a waste. (You don't even have a weak reason) :)

Don't just say for the sake of saying. :) think before you type.)
long day :tired
Stop it rain -_-
I wasn't even talking to you.

At early levels, it is important to do as much hg as possible due to min xp cap of hg.
Tg is best done from lv9

That's an opinion.
for The One Ring:
Oh I thought you were talking to me because I was the one who was continuously prompting that TGI at level 6 is useful.)
You should have mentioned it earlier. @41156
And I'hv asked certain players about getting a TGI at level 6.
Most of them are saying that after the update FSP/EXP is not that a big deal now.
for The One Ring:

Entering TG doesn't automatically mean the person is going to rush thru to get TG 5.

I plan on doing CG ~9-10 onwards and +2-3% is always useful. But I don't want to discuss long term plans. TG is always worth the investment. Sooner the better. :)
+2-3% initiative is always useful.
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