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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
Nice ! :)
): ! eciN
Damn! ^ sorry :(
Can I return my loans from that previous character ? from here
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Hi all ! Im kinda new to the game ... :)
What do you mean by kinda?
Are you not sure?

Welcome :)
No you cannot Op.
You can gift them out of free will.
Thranduilll huh.
I guess I did inspire you :)
Well , I used to play HoMMV, LowM is based on it , but I never played lowm, and not as a demon in HoMMV either , so yeah you can call me new , but I also need help with demons :'( I suck at demons
Demon is strategically complex faction and that is why many players choose to keep it as an alt instead of main faction.
You not only should master placement of gated troops but also master their protection and sustainability so you don't die quickly.

Against faction with shooters, place some of your troops to block their shooters and approach them with others to kill your opponent. Demons at lower levels can't hold defense because they don't have tanky units so you should play mid-offense to offense depending on faction you're facing :)
Its what Im doing , but I face a great challenge because my demons are extremely slow and my wolfhounds are extremely weak in health , so by the time my demons reach the fight , the wolves are dying , and I cant not engage or the ranged attackers will pick me off stack by stack , after they kill my gated units ... :/
for Old Iron King:
Lol , Demon is a strong faction , you just need to know how to play it. :)
you need to experience demon faction , and you are only in CL 3. what I believe is you should do only hunts till level 5-6 otherwise your guilds will be ruined.And your character will be a noob.)
By playing hunts you will get to know demon better.) So, try to play only hunts , try different troops settlements at each hunt , make strategies.

If you want to know DEMON. :)
Good Luck!
for Old Iron King:

Yup. You should know that minimum ap battles are not balanced in this game. Try buying full arts and then fighting. It is more balanced that way.

Although I would suggest going hunter till level 5-6 because demons get cool level 5 creatures i.e. succubus which can shoot shooters when shooters shoot at succubus. :P

Wolfhounds compared to other tier 3 units are not that attractive. I suggest to wait for level 5 before trying your hands at PvP. :)
for Rain_of_Terror:

How can you know about PvP by playing PvE? oO
In lower levels demon sucks big time but once u reach lv 9 or better yet lv 10 where u have access to magic guild lv3 and more powerful upgrades, you'll see demon is one of the best faction there is (kinda bias seeing I'm a demon fan myself). But anyways for now build up your FSP as it's important for both classic (increase number of gate troops) as well as dark spell efficiency (imagine casting delay at 45%). Demon will realise their potential at rather mid range levels..
for MarineBiologist:

And when did I say anything about knowing PvP by playing PvE? :P
I said do only hunts , try different settlements , by this you will know the faction better. :)

By knowing the faction better , it would automatically result in good PvP fights. Isn't it? :)
Usebeorn's advice is spot on.

Except tier 3 Demon just gets better and better with every new tier and upgraded creatures. :)
Low levels are good for building FSL from hunts which is what I am doing currently. :D
for Old Iron King:

One of the best demons and players in PvP. You can learn a lot by watching his battles. :)

Yup , RevolutionRebel is one of the best players in CG battles. :)
He never looses a fight(PvP) easily. :)
for Old Iron King:

If you are finding tough to play with demon in , you may switch to other faction and keep demon as a secondary faction. :)

Because demons get strong after level 10. :) And they get indeed strong after CL 12. :P
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