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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
abt to challenge me bcoz..
thnx to me ..i let u do that... ;p
again 3 in row..
thnx to me..i was off to shop...B(
oh..its ok..

abt to lvl 10 ..need lot of gold for orc chiefs and CS2...
nah..they are the worst tier six..:(
unfortunately i am in that line..:(
wont i get it .?
frm the CL10 bonus.?

+ i had given a 23k loan (though the person is blocked..:()
chck out castle chiefs are xpensive..

and i have 35k gold loan given to persons who got blocked.. :-P
nah they r not that expensive..i'll have enough gold by that time..
u vl need 80-90K (including resources' prize)

vl make it by cl 10 bonus..though... xD
ok..should go now...byee..
*feel the tension*
here's my 10 catns..my 2 cents are free..

a nuisance who sent..u sent for me.?
sometimes the ____ just seems..that everybody only wants to discuss me..
so this must mean that i'm di-gus-ting..
but it's just me..I'm just obscene
and i'm not the first king of con-tro-ver-sy..
i m the worst thing since elvis presley..
to do black music so selfishly..
and use it to get myself wealthy..!..:D

Target achieved

14600 posts..yay!..
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