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[MCC]Upcoming Merger with .ru – Feedback and Suggestions


Author[MCC]Upcoming Merger with .ru – Feedback and Suggestions
This thread aims to collect information to be presented to the Admins.


1 - Identification of the “Problem Class” (see list below)
2 - Identification of the problem (e.g. “I have accounts on both servers”, “I don’t speak a word of russian”, etc.)
3 - How would you like to see the problem solved (e.g. “I would like to choose and keep one of my main accounts and transfer all property from the other one”, “I would like to have an english interface not only in forums but in the whole game”, etc.)

IT SHOULD NOT BE CONTENTS OF YOUR POSTS (there is another thread for the discussion):

-Your overall, unspecified thoughts on the merger (e.g. “I hate it”, “I love it”, etc.)
-Enquiries/questions about the merger (e.g. “when will it happen?”, “will .com storyline be erased?”, etc.)


-Character management
-General Rules
-Miscelaneous (whatever problems don’t fit directly in the above-mentioned problem classes)

Polls may be held in this Forum to assess the general support of some/all suggestions.
When all foreseeable problems and respective proposed solutions are identified, data will be streamlined and compiled to be presented to the Admins.
Do keep in mind that the Admins are in no way bound to follow whatever suggestions are made from this thread.
ID. "Character management"

I have 3 characters here and 1 on .ru.
My main characters have the same name on both servers.

I would like to choose one of my characters (this one) to be my main one and choose which character delete in order to respect 3.10. rule (max 3 characters).
I don't care about my other characters, but I don't want to loose this one because of a name conflict.
1) Character Management
2) I have accounts on both servers with the same name (as do many others I expect)
3) I would like a character option to rename one/both characters, maybe also the ability to delete unwanted characters (I don't have any multis on either server but I am sure other players might have multis on both servers, and the ability to delete the ones you don't want might be useful?)

Of course being able to combine the 2 characters into one would be great as well, but probably totally unrealistic!
1. Language
2. Russians outnumber us greatly. I do not want to play a GB where I cannot understand what they are saying or vice versa.
3. Honestly, I dont see how that problem is solved. Unless, you can assure everyone that the .ru players speak passable english.
Character management: I have accounts on both servers, 4 to be more specific (2 on com, 2 on ru); I would like to keep them all if possible, if not how can I keep 2 chars when both buy tgi in the past?
Technical: If will be same home page? Then I should use more browsers if I want to play simultaneously with all my chars; I shall start using multiple browsers (3-4 browsers)?
Language: I don’t speak a word of Russian; I need an english interface of the game.
Gameplay: I don’t know if ru and com chars will interfere somehow or will exist some maps interference also; I’d like to know if my com char(s) will be allowed to go to ru map and do merc there.
Miscelaneous: MC-if I’m in a MC in each server, how can it be when merged? I’ll have only one char in one MC or can I stay as now? achievements: will be erased according to ru hunt achievements and com ST will be neglected too? I want to stay as it is now; fsp: due to com low event/war occurrence I have very low fsp compared to any ru char of my level. I want somehow compensations if I want to compete (ever) with ru players.
1. Gameplay
2. Estates. It would be a big loss for some players here if they would lose their estate after the merge.
3. Keep both maps (com and ru) with the possibility to move between them through ships and/or portals, like they have on the ru map.
[Post deleted by moderator Magier // http://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=83718&page=4#788086]
[Post deleted by moderator Magier // http://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=83718]
[Post deleted by moderator Magier // response to #8]
[Post deleted by moderator Magier // response to #8]
1. Character management

2. I have accounts on both severs with same nick (Liuker)

3. I'd like to keep the name of the main account (the one in .com). However if I have to change my nickname, I can still accept. As long as my main char won't be deleted, I don't mind.
1) language
2) estates
3) events they already had and we did not (impossible for us to participate in them (get badges))
4) Current hunt records
5) Current ST badges
6) special artifacts (our venomancer set is slightly different from .ru version)
7) players with same account name
8) people that play on .ru and on .com
9) text quests, will they be translated too?
10) keepers. Currently .ru and .com have different rules.
11) map sectors. Russian clans own the map, if we merge, we have nothing.
12) what about our estate ID's. Highest ID is always on top if same amount of stars. So this is pretty crucial. If we just get the new IDs, all lower than the russian estates. It is completely pointless.
13) dwarven insight tournament.... never for us? Dwarven discount in castle? never for us...
14) the mini games .ru has

1) They have to translate every single thing. Forums, menu, battles, announcements etc etc etc etc etc
2) Not sure how to solve this. I hope we can keep our map instead of only using the russian map.
3) I hope we can do a part of those events before the merge. And give .ru no events until then so we catch up :)
4) merge with .ru hunter records. So most will be lost
5) let us keep them
6) no idea how to solve this. Changing stats on an artifact wont make the owners happy.
7) add [en] or [ru] behind it (and also let new players pick this when they create an account
8) One character can continue, all the rest will be blocked
9) I hope so, but I doubt it.
10) All the keepers on one line is important. We only have two and it is a mess already.
11) I hope we can keep our map. Dont want to play on .ru map, too big for merc quests.
12) Let us keep us our own map with our own estates and own estate ID's. But somehow a way to travel from their map to our map and back.
13) They can still give it to us..... fast...
14) translate it.... too ...
simply everything
[Post deleted by moderator Queen_Amanda // answers to questions in the first post only]
1 - language
2 - in duels and GBs some people wont understand each other
3 - make a sistem of standart messages translated on all languages (like in CS maybe)
-General Rules
i have no additional characters at all - 2 main chars only.
both can repair and enchant - it cost a lot of money, including diamonds.
Guys please answer here only the questions in post 1.
Any discussions about the merge belong to this thread: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1915718
-Character management
Can we maintain our characters in .ru as well as .com (exceed 2 multi limit) or choose btwn them.


communication in GBs , duels, hope players with .com will get an automatic translator which changes all Russian to English and .ru players get a translator to translate all English to Russian.


- Something to compensate our lower FSP. Small difference(1 faction level) is enough to give big advantage.
-Transferring our MCs to .ru and letting them control over some new facilities where only .com MCs compete among themselves.
-Updating us on the updates which came in .ru and not here(story line, ranking system).
- Personal achievements and hunter ranking.
Dont worry aout server merge, guys. That`ll be cool.
Remember, russians are kind & cool people, they just drink alcohol a lot. xD

Well for me, I have been treated very negatively and rudely on the Russian Server ... which is why I seldom play there anymore. For one thing, even asking a simple question about the game (translated, of course, into Russian) can result in nasty remarks and a ban in their Forums.

I have not found the Russians to be kind & cool at all but very prejudiced against Westerners, especially Americans. I'm not looking forward to being merged with the Russian Server.

On both .com and .ru I have one main Character named Zephyranna and an additional character on each server with different names. I would like to know just how the problem of characters with duplicate names will be solved and just how we are to dispose of our extra characters?
Well for me, I have been treated very negatively and rudely on the Russian Server ... which is why I seldom play there anymore. For one thing, even asking a simple question about the game (translated, of course, into Russian) can result in nasty remarks and a ban in their Forums.
Russians love to flood & troll on the forums, also, making fun of those, who asks for help. Otherwise, they are kind & cool people, they just drink alcohol a lot. xD
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