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[MCC]Upcoming Merger with .ru – Feedback and Suggestions


Author[MCC]Upcoming Merger with .ru – Feedback and Suggestions
please use this thread strictly to IDENTIFY problems and SUGGEST solutions. every other subject you post here will just make it harder to collect your feedback on this. if you don't want to help, that's fine - but don't disturb those who do.

discussing the merger should happen here: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1915718

thank you
1 - donations
2 - 2 chars developed with diamonds
i want to know about this because i donated a lott on both server with my chars.
what they will do about it i don't want too give up any char but if i must choose then i would like a refund off my donated diamonds to the other char because else it was a waste off real gold
for Edwin1908:

you should be permited to transfer diamonds(gold equal to diamonds) to your main char on ru (the one you will use as main there)

not a perfect solution but cant think of nothing better right now :P

they wont refund IMO
1- Character Management
2- I have a main and two alts here and another main account on .ru with the same name as my main on com. I would like either two mains that just can't trade with each other or gold compensation. Also renaming characters is very necessary.

Problem: no choice of 'merging-direction'.

I've only seen the problem of duplicate characters being discussed from the .com point of view, but there are also players from .ru who started a character here.

Solution: it would be honest for everyone if there is a choice between:

.com-char --> .ru-char-stuff added to it --> .merge-char
.ru-char --> .com-char-stuff added to it --> .merge-char

and 'stuff' meaning whatever the admins decide to transfer between one-another



Problem: a player can speak both English and Russian, but is forced to use an automatic (read: 'far from perfect') translator

Solution: give the players a choice/checkbox to either use or not use the automatic translator.



Problem: all records thrown on one big pile

1. hunting-records from .com will vanish in one go
2. ST-record 'identity-tags' from .com (the 'tournament numbers') will collide with those from .ru
3. same problem as 2, but for card-tourney records

Solution to 1: make a 'snapshot' of all .com and .ru hunting records at the moment of merging, to be displayed in two seperate 'trophy cabinets', ending the era of .com / .ru and marking the beginning of the New Era. (I suggest everyone does this anyway, for their personal records, but then there is the problem which I describe at miscelaneous)

Solution to 2 and 3: tag all records which are achieved up until the merger as .com and .ru-records, respectively and then pile them up. The 'trophy cabinet' suggestion can be applied here also, by the way, displaying the 'oldskool' (pre-merger) records seperately from the New Era records



Problem: different currencies are used to buy diamonds. A Euro is not a dollar is not a ruble. So 1 diamond has different RL values.

Solution: don't know... I can imagine a simple solution (compensation) could have major chain reactions... someone with a more economic background could think about this...? (or perhaps it's not a problem at all...)



Problem: players don't know when the merger will take place, and what exactly will take place (hence this poll, I know), so they can't anticipate on it.

Solution: announce when the merger will take place, and what exactly will happen, when all systems are go.

I realise a precise prediction cannot be made right now, but when it's possible, please do. Everyone can then prepare themselves the way they want to.

The admins always had a way of suddenly introducing something new, without any notification in advance... it would be nice if they can make an exception to this, at least this one time...
1) language
2) estates
3) events they already had and we did not (impossible for us to participate in them (get badges))
4) Current hunt records
5) Current ST badges
6) special artifacts (our venomancer set is slightly different from .ru version)
7) players with same account name
8) people that play on .ru and on .com
9) text quests, will they be translated too?
10) keepers. Currently .ru and .com have different rules.
11) map sectors. Russian clans own the map, if we merge, we have nothing.
12) what about our estate ID's. Highest ID is always on top if same amount of stars. So this is pretty crucial. If we just get the new IDs, all lower than the russian estates. It is completely pointless.
13) dwarven insight tournament.... never for us? Dwarven discount in castle? never for us...
14) the mini games .ru has

One main thing. What happens to the diamonds we already possess ? I am more concerned about the diamonds.
2) I have accounts on both servers with the same name
& I want to connect the characters 2 in 1 :)
1- .com PvPer competitiveness against .ru

I am an enthusiastic PvPer and the major factor (apart from tactics and strategies) in determining a win, is FSP. Due to many events in .ru, .com exp/fsp ratio is lower than in .ru

My solution is to give us free fsp gift (i prefer to earn them from events but very unlikely now):

Sum of ALL faction fsp for players at combat level X in .ru = A
# of players at combat level X in .ru = B
Sum of ALL faction fsp for players at combat level X in .com = C
# of players at combat level X in .com = D

Fsp gift for combat level X = (A/B - C/D)

Our heroes will on average still be weaker then .ru best but the gap is smaller.
typo: .com exp/fsp ratio is higher than in .ru
Don't you think we are rushing it so hard and early as maxim said it's the "long-term aim".It would be just like war clans doing politics for the war that never came, making server a hostile place.
Don't you think we are rushing it so hard and early as maxim said it's the "long-term aim".It would be just like war clans doing politics for the war that never came, making server a hostile place.

The game Administration would like to sincerely apologize for the recent overextended development and for the shortage of progress in LWM game along with the lack of development of the in-game community. The Administration plans to initiate a merge of two servers of the game (so called .com and .ru servers) in the next few months. After its successful initiation it will bring all of the Lords the vast variety of opportunities, and will secure the continuous progress and development of the game with the opportunities for everyone to enjoy!

Last quote is from the announcement from 1at may, notice that they will
initiate a merge of two servers of the game (so called .com and .ru servers) in the next few months.

Maybe they will be delayed but still seems we should try to make them aware of any problem we can think of sooner rather than later
1. Gameplay

2. fsp atio/Lack of competitiveness

3. Give us bonus fsp so Average fsp ratio will be the same for .com and .ru heroes for each combat level. (Let it cost some gold if they want to cover the cost of arts they used in there fun and generous fsp ratio battles we didn’t get)



2. Estates

3. Keep our map as a separate region with a ferry ride from MC to ?? the trip could take 5 min instead of the usual time for role-playing purpose and to keep them a bit separate.
It's funny because in the ru server. My name is banned, when i made one over there they banned it. Don't know what filowarrior means or shows etc but what ever will i get banned with the merge

The only way I can see this solved is if everyone uses Google translate (highly unlikely) OR an in-game translator is implemented.
Ya there should be a portal between two worlds!
1. Character management

2. I have an account on .com and one on .ru, both are called Fosgeen. I have TGIs on both of them (I enrolled a lot on low level on .ru to get mine there) and I have enchanted weapons and thief artifacts on both servers. Also I'm in a MC in both servers. What can be done with this?

- a solution could be to merge the characters, merge all stats, since I basicly worked on them on both servers. On the other hand that probably wouldn't be very fair, since that would give 3 years of enrolling + 2 years of enrolling = a lot more than I'm playing and even than our server exists. Also problem with the 2 tgis.
- Make one my main and one my alt and let me change name of one of the two. Problem is that the alt will have a tgi (and tg bonusses), special arts and will be in a MC. I honestly don't know how this can be solved, at least not without losing a lot of gold on my .ru char (TGI of 800k and the arts)?

I hope something can be done.

1)Character management
I hav too accounts one here and one on .ru and they both have the same name on both servers...And I dont wanna loose my lordswm character, at any cost...
So, I guess a character name change option will be vry handy....

2)Language barrier-I don't understand anything of russsian...bt this wont be a deal....so i'm fine wid it...as it will be to learn...

3)Gameplay...N plz the whole game should be English not only the forum so tht we cn play freely without any problems....

add Another Empire to .RU map (for .com players)
add tags on .COM chars and on .RU chars (so game can know difference between them)
add different link for .com players to login (ie: en.heroeswm.ru which will basically use lordswm.com files to present "the game world" to .com players, i hope you understand what im trying to say, basically it will be a proxy with translation)

+bonus: "event": .com players can "invade" .ru players by trying to travel to .ru part of map (and vice versa: .ru players can invade .com players by traveling to their part of map)
like , on border lines we will have setup War Camps, in which players can join in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 (?), battles to fend off .ru invaders (and ofc vice versa) and have the option to create counterattack (depending on win/lose ratio ,or maybe depending on lords participating )
lords will have ranks, and will be able to increase it by winning vs invaders
+bonus option: high ranked lords will be "commanders" for counterattack Invasion
++bonus option for "event" = battles will be in X AP, which will be provided by Empire and reward could be X CG points

+bonus: "Empire" tournaments and "World" tournaments , Empire would be for .com and .ru separately and World tournaments for both empires to compete (ie. 1st World Survival tournament - in which both Empires will participate and have a chance to bring glory to their empire & themselves )

+bonus possibility: .com players can ambush .ru players & vice versa on the borders of Empires

#201 too i guess
So, I guess a character name change option will be vry handy....

How about we just login using email? Messages and transactions could be done using playerid...
There was some kind of story line regarding an old elf coming and taking a mysterious ore... During construction of pier and lighthouse... That same story line can be used.. We travel on ship for .ru or something like that? That can solve many problems like language? Those who wish for .ru can go there and explore their world? Plus for double names.. why don't we merge both characters with gold and FSP combined?(Not xp since that can lead to high lvls with out money for the CASTLE CONSTRTUCTIONS). Also this will help us keep with the high FSP of .ru players.. (which I heard from some players). Also #38 can also be implemented and bonuses for the thieves who will invade our .ru "GUESTS" on map...
I didn't read all posts.. Srry if its repeated.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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