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Local Rules

AuthorLocal Rules
0. Trading in this Forum branch does not occur automatically. Every deal is discussed in private mail, then transfers are made manually by both parties of the deal.
Items may be repaired and enchanted by any player who has built Blacksmith in his/her castle, but skilled artisans have much higher efficiency. Details: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=10
To ensure legal trading, please familiarize yourself with general game rules: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=5.
Note that secondary characters are not allowed to accept/send items for repairing/enchanting.

1. This forum branches is designated for Enchanters and Smiths only. It is forbidden to create threads with the objective of looking for them by the clients.

2. Thread headers in this branch must fit the following standard:
[Service Type][Efficiency][Price]

[Service type] - compulsory parameter. [Repair], [Weaponsmith], [Armorer] or [Jewelcrafter] only. It is forbidden to use synonymic words or to alter transaction type terms. One thread may only represent two types of service.
[Efficiency] - compulsory parameter. For repairing, efficiency is listed in percent value. For enchanting, the efficiency must be listed in "Enchanters' Guild branches" experience table digits, e.g. EG3 Armorer 10 characters should list [4x11]. (https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=10). It is allowed to use enchantment codes instead of experience table digits if the artisan only plans to set certain selected types of enchantments. (https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=39). In case if the artisan only renders services of unlocking the 5th enchantment using Fern flowers, he or she may type [Unlock 5th mod] instead of efficiency. In this case, indicating any service type is not necessary due to not being essential.
[Price] optional parameter.

It is strictly forbidden to mark the thread with special characters, punctuation signs (except "[", "]", "/", "-" to list intervals), spaces and full caps. Details of intended transaction must be listed in the thread, not in the header. Listing any other features than directed by the standard is forbidden.

Examples of correct thread headers that represent a single service:
[Repair][80%][100% repair cost]
[Jewelcrafter][4x10][Elements only]
[Weaponsmith][E5][Paying back 1k for each element]
[Armorer][3x7][10% of all elements on me]
[Unlock 5th mod]
Examples of correct thread headers that represent two services at once:
[Repair][90%] [Unlock 5th mod]

2.1. Threads not meeting the standard will be locked. In case of multiple relapses, players guilty of violation of these rules will receive preventive bans.

2.2. It is forbidden to use words and expressions such as "best", "cheapest", "one in the whole server" etc, even if it is true at the moment of creating the thread.
2.3. If the thread intends to represent two service types all the details on prices/elements and other conditions must be stated inside the thread only.

3. More than two topics of one TS in the first branch page is forbidden. Bumping the third thread will lead to banning the person responsible for the bump.

3.1. It is forbidden to create threads that duplicate other threads, both locked and open, in the first page of the forum branch.

3.2. Bumping any thread is allowed as often as once per hour. More frequent bumping will lead to bans of people guilty of violation.

4. If there is a mistake and you wish to delete the thread, contact any active member of the Forum moderator clan. (https://www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php?id=7010)
It is forbidden to request deletion in the thread itself.

5. If the objective of the thread is achieved, or the thread loses its topicality, it is recommended to write about it in the thread and lock it. There is no need to contact a moderator requesting a deletion.

6. It is forbidden to advertise one's own services in other players' threads.
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