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nickel etc.

Authornickel etc.
i want to ask that does these nickel silver and stuff does anything ??
The only way is to sell them to Production facilities.
They both need to have less than full supply and have gold to buy them.

A good time is normally right after you enrolled
This stuff is needed for production facilities and factories to make artifacts.

Trading them on map is also a way to make some gold.
do they help in combat or anything ??
do they help in combat or anything ??

no, they are only for trading
do they help in combat or anything ??
I wanted to ask something , How to get nickel(s)? I'm needed it to sell to factories, the "Amulet of luck factory" and enroll/work at there. So I will earn more money with that wage, 199 gold and nickel, 1707 gold . Now I cant enroll at that factory because that factory dont have enough Nickel as their supply .
IF 1st time i work at there, but i cant enroll and then i sell 1 nickel at there, and then i only can enroll, 1 time . You guys will know the gold how much I will get. 1707 + 199(gold) = 1906 gold.
Please give me CORRECT ANSWER Thank you!! xD
Sorry , i checked answer's,no need give me answer . I'll "Pull Back" My words, at above, and i accidently use this additional character to post message, Please dont block / ban my character.
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