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Transfer Gold, Resources, etc.

AuthorTransfer Gold, Resources, etc.
I understand that there will be a penalty given if a player's transfer log is not clean. I respect that rule. However, I'm not certain about giving GIFTS? Is it possible to give GIFTS? If so, please type down the limits of Gold/Resources can be sent.
yes, it is possible to give gift.
the limit is:
3.15. Presents must not exceed 10,000 gold * [Combat level of the grantor] + 250 * [Diamonds obtained by the grantor through donations] per month.
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While occasional gifts are fine, be aware that dedicated financial assistance is not permitted

1.13. Financial assist is forbidden in all aspects of the game. Financial assist is a dedicated assistance of one character to another in any way meant to increase the possessions of the latter.

Found here - https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=5

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