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what is rich for my level?


Authorwhat is rich for my level?
I can't say whether you are rich or not..but if you continue gambling you will be poor for sure :(
I can't say whether you are rich or not..but if you continue gambling you will be poor for sure :(
words from the wise oneXD
should I just go and start leveling or should I enroll more first?
I want a stable income if everything else goes to ****
the only thing you should do is play to enjoy the game.
of course you can't enjoy if you can't "fund" your playing. but that trade-off you find it best yourself.

how can you enjoy the game by doing what this and that tells you how to play and what to do? where is your freedom and liberty of doing whatever you want gone?...
no one wants a constant money struggling character and the lower levels go quick and when you get to a higher level you suck cause you couldn't get a upgrade or something
In this game you can never be rich enough, there are always ways to spend your gold. So indeed, a solid laborers guild and enroll habit is a must. But it has to be fun. On the Russian server I have played 1 hunt, 10 enrolls and by the time I was level 6 I was able to buy a TGI (800k there). But this was a sideproject for me, I could play in a normal way on .com. Of course you can just make an alt account for fun, or play cards, or do whatever else you like while you enroll.

Well, just try to enroll as much as possible. Try not to enroll with penalty, but even those enrolls are better than none. And play the game "for real" when you have time for it.
No! You are not rich.

While My multi was at your level, He have over 50K
But It seems u will have same as me as you have a half way to get to lv 2.
psh ill have 50k plus resources for skellies:P
I have over 3 million gold and much more than 17 American Dollars, but I'm not rich :(

Being rich is a subjective matter. Most people would just compare themselves to their peers.

But I've said before that:
Rich is having too much money. It is having excess after you already bought everything you wanted.
Just do it accounting style. List all the things you want and how much it would cost. Then look at your current money and project your income.

In the end being rich is just having your money+income > your wants :)

If all you want is just those skelli bowmen at lvl 5, then you're rich. But if you want those skelli bowmen at lvl 3, then you better use your $17.
im almost at 50k now;)
you couldnt compare are you rich in your lvl. just try to enroll more for future.
showing how much gold you have as post 30 could actually be threated as flood.

closing thread
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