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is the 1000% health regeneration still there ?

Authoris the 1000% health regeneration still there ?
plz help
no not at all
what does 1000% health regeneration means logically ??
instant revival
it isn't instant revival... instant revival is 100%....
for spicydevil:
You misunderstand, but if you want a logical approach....

Troops recover 1000% faster

That means the rate at which the troops recover is 1000% faster.

100% faster doesn't mean instant revival.

If I run at a rate of 5 meters/hour, 100% faster would mean I would run at 10 meters per hour, or in other words 2 times faster.

1000% faster would therefore mean recover at 11 times the usual rate.

According to
Full restoration takes no more than 15 minutes.

So if we take it literally, we can say we recover 1/15 of our troops health every minute.
So 11 times/1000% faster would mean we recover 11/15 of our troops health every minute.
But that is not the case since health recovery was instant.
Instant is much faster than 11/15 of your health every minute.

Therefore, we can conclude that bigbeast is right, that the logical approach is incorrect and that by 1000% faster recovery rate, the admins do mean instant.
[Post deleted by moderator hpsim // off topic]
[Post deleted by moderator hpsim // off topic]
got it ;)
for KnightofDusk: Perfect explanation :p

The regenerating time when we take 1000% is so less than it can be considered to be 0 :p
The normal speed would be 15 minutes or 900 seconds that would be 100%. So 1,000% would be 90 seconds.

So to answer the topic starter: There isn't any 90 seconds recovery rate active.
This Christmas, the following features will be introduced until December, 27th included:

- Troops recover 1000% faster;
- Mana recovers 1000% faster;
- The Sphynx offers you a challenge of answering Her cryptic riddles about the world of
LordsWM. The more questions you reply correctly, the better rewards you may choose from;
I believe it was a typo. It's supposed to be 10,000% faster, so 9 seconds :p

And as #12 answered only until Dec 27th :)
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