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What the hell with Tg


AuthorWhat the hell with Tg
I just bought the TGI and start to make ambush for caravans having some arts but actually the damage which i take is very high, why it is so hard till the begging?
Don't worry, it's suppose to get easier as you lose more.

It's probably much more difficult at higher levels.

Right now, my ambushes are pretty easy.
Depending on the amount of troops you kill, the more you kill the greater is the decrease.
If you win difficulty increases and so on
It looks like the TG caravans here are much harder than the original .com. Not because of the troops, but because of the heroes. The heroes are likely to be full art.

My question is when the difficulty goes down, are the heroes status going down as well? Do we have to be full art to win the TG here?
u r right
our karavans are in the full art
its hard to beat them
but for example i wear 3 kraft weapons and i feal good in TG:)
11. Thieves' guild caravan stats have changed. Now, instead of increase of creature numbers, caravan character stats increase, to make it more difficult to fight with each defeat. Experience and faction skill points awarded in thieves' guild have been also changed to better.


Do we have to be full art to win the TG here?

Wins are still possible in min ap. You'll have to lose a lot though.
It's better to get better arts than min ap. Although full art isn't necessary - 1 enchanted weapon and cheaper armor items (like Steel cuirass and Ruby boots) should be fine for 60-66% victories in TG.
TG is dead now ...
i wouldnt recommend buying a TGI if you still have one.
There are better ways to use your full arts than these caravans.
TG has one of the best skill/exp proportion in the game.

It is alive.
I had abandon it since it got bugged on .com it ruined our heroes :o(

Now it is reborn better than ever!
Actually,TG is a lot better now
you just need to get used to it
TG is not dead. Much better fsp ratio. No more wait on ambush for a long time. Only one time I had less than 0,5FSP for lose and it will be easier, we can see how much it will be. Won two times so far from 9 attempt.
I am wearing min arts for sure...

But I have different question. If you are thiefing in two people are there decrease for booth or not?
Another question: Thief can be ambushed here when travel ?
for Mihai:
Another question: Thief can be ambushed here when travel ?
Yesh. There's no honor among thieves. And it always was like that. But I think you can't be ambushed by your own military clan mates? I don't know if it was like that on .com, but on .ru it is.

for Lord VeDWoo:
But I have different question. If you are thiefing in two people are there decrease for booth or not?
Well, I know that if very low lvl doing thievery with very high lvl, after few fights that poor low lvl will have super-puper overpowered caravans which will brutishly kill poor low lvl after for many many times in a row if not almost-forever, if that low lvl starts to do thievery alone. But it's because of FSP he gained with high lvl, because it increases with FSP from wins and decreases with FSP from loses, so yes, it affects both thieves if you win/lose. And the strength depends on FSP somehow (mostly it believed than more FSP than more effect, but also someone says there's some hot point in FSP when you lose, so if you get more than that, it won't decrease so much or decrease the same as hot point.)
Actually,TG is a lot better now
you just need to get used to it

Yup agreed. Better fight 20 shrews with extreme stats than 200 shrews. :p
why it is so hard till the begging? TG is completely changed on .ru. Now the caravan hero stats are equal to the full amount of artifacts for your level. The faction skill of caravan's hero equal to average faction skill of real heroes on your level. And caravan's army have all the bonuses which faction skill gives. Also all types of caravans get wicker and stronger in the same time. If you win - the all types of caravans getting stronger, if you loose - all types getting wicker. So if you want to win you have to complete some tasks. First - correct your army position on battlefield. It must be most effective. You have to increase amount of artifacts on your hero. Main things are - attack, initiative, luck and moral for warriors.Spell Power for mages.


I mean full geared and losing? :p
How many fight will I have to lose so I can win one in min ap :o

Its not old times when you battle with full ap against min ap caravan,now they wear arts and have talents,
still in old tg,you couldn't win all battle,for example against 40 black dragon etc...
I have to revise my statement from previous post.
It seems like the difficulty has been reset. So all those hundreds of losses in min AP from before the merge..... all reset so you can do it again :P
But they are winnable in min AP.
Yeah, kinda stupid 'cause I lost 100 thiefs in a row at .com hoping I would get a 200 streak here with full enchance..:D

Ahh, well, lets lose again :D
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