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I think of publishing a book


AuthorI think of publishing a book
yup a spell to speak to all seems pretty much real in medieval times :P
Thats a brilliant idea. I haven't made a mistake in showing you then.
for kushagra5:
Showing me what?
I guess he meant showing us his writings.
4th chapter coming half.
Chapter-4 The Great Capital
To the south-west of the misty coast lied the Great capital, the capital of Frugustia. It was in the centre of Frugustia and all lands had a direct connection to it.
The ruler of this land had been different at different times but since the past few centuries, it was being ruled by the barbarians.
The king Barbolox ruled over it. Barbarians were creatures who ate raw meat and drank blood. They were strong creatures though they could not perform magic. Their official sign was the axe. It simply showed that the barbarians were unbeatable in hand to hand combat and this was true. They also recognized vultures as their sacred animals as they thought the vultures were wise and were a lot like themselves. The official colour here varied from brown to dark green. The barbarians were the link between the humane factions (Dark Elves, Dwarves, Elves, Knights and wizards) and the monstrous factions (Demon and Necromancer). The barbarians hated taking sides in wars and were often a single unit as they just hated teaming up and coordination.
Since they took over the Great Capital, they started demanding regular taxes in different forms from the neighbouring areas. In return, they used to hunt the wild beasts roaming in their areas and used to kill them. Some groups like the knights and elves hated this as they thought they missed on valuable practice but the others were happy. The barbarians got this idea not because they wanted to help, but because they needed the blood of these animals and their meat for their own livelihood. They also created a special jail called the Verdant Dell which stored all the criminals and thieves which were caught.
Barbolox the king was a complete coward and was able to rule only because of his army which was constantly on his side helping him in every war and battle. He had huge beasts called the Behemoths who had nails as long as four feet. They also had the Cyclops who worked in forging weapons for the army and used them in the army as soldiers too. As a custom, the ruler always had to be Cyclops King. Cyclops Kings were different from Cyclops as they managed all the high posts in the kingdom. The army also had thunderbirds that had female soldiers called orcs riding them and shooting blades from above the skies. Orc chiefs could also act as diplomats and would ride on huge birds called rocs to other lands discussing diplomacy and messages. This was really important as the great capital needed to ensure the peace of Frugustia. There were goblins and hobgoblins who acted as the slaves and labour. Their were wolf riding goblins who were good in fights called wolf riders, who managed the security inside the capital along with the Ogres and Ogre magi. There were also wolf riding raiding goblins shortly christened as Wolf raiders who performed raids in other parts of the countries and also led the hunting expeditions along with the orcs and orc chiefs. Not only the taxes acted as earning, half of the weapons used in Frugustia were forged right here by the Cyclops. Most of the money was used to buy the blood and raw meat from other lands or even other worlds as the barbarians could not live without it and trade from other worlds meant a lot of expenditure. Overall, after the incomes and expenditures, the barbarians were a rich class. Barbolox used to make sure that he did not take any class as enemies because he knew that controlling such a war prone empire, he could not afford to have the other classes against him or he would not be ruling the capital for so long.
Barbolox was having his usual lunch of raw bear meat when a messenger wolf rider told him that the rulers of Silent hill and Seraphs Tears had come with their armies to discuss diplomatic issues. The king gobbled his food and then allowed them permission. He wore a new loincloth on his thighs and put on a new brown-green scarf on his neck. His body was muscular and he had as many as fourteen packs on his massive
body which was unusual for even a Cyclops who had at maximum twelve pack abs. As soon as the kings entered, Barbolox roared, “What a surprise, why have you kings come over on such short notice? I hope everything is right” Zoirod spoke, “We have come in search of your hand of friendship in our newest scheme to take over the humane factions. Now Barbolox, These humans have come on our land much after us and yet they stamp such authority on Frugustia. Haven’t they? We were the people who came to this land originally, and now these humans have slowly started grabbing over our land. I suggest we strike soon or they will take over us completely. Let’s not let the opportunity slip.” “My friend, you are right, but I feel that instead of fighting amongst us, we should concentrate more on combining our powers to take over other islands and lands. I have been tracking the progress in other worlds which as you know have different classes like us, they are united and infact have progressed extremely fast. As they say, ‘United we stand and Divided we fall’.” Barbolox looked not a bit interested with his words. He was a good ruler for the land and had no bad intentions. He just focused on the development of Frugustia, not the barbarians. “I understand what you mean. But it is important to realize that these humans are different from us. They don’t understand us. We just can not merge. And in any case, the dark elves are also siding with us. (They still did not know for sure.) The barbarians are just going to gain a new land. What is there to lose?” Dehuntun added. Before the huge Cyclops king could reply, another wolf rider came in with a new message, “Sire, the dark elf queen Elvira wants to meet you.” “Bring her in,” the barbarian sighed. He was sure this was not going to be easy. The queen got just too insistent and always had a plan up her sleeve. As the queen entered the vast chamber, a strong smell of lavender tickled the noses of the three powerful creatures. It was followed by a faint purple glow in the air. The queen was dazzling. She was wearing dark purple robes and had an ultramarine blue face mask on her ever-so beautiful face as Barbolox described it. The face mask did not cover her eyes, but only the mouth. This was done so the queen’s expression could not be made out. She was wearing a crown made of special stones which were purple in colour called the amethysts. They were not found in Frugustia and had been traded from other lands. These were much more dazzling than the crystals of the Demon crown and the emeralds of the Barbarian crown. Zoirod had mercury on the crown and this wasn’t comparable to the other precious gems. Though mercury came expensive, it was not at all beautiful. She had light blue eyes with a purple eyeball. She wore golden leggings and had sandals made of glass which were purple in colour. She frowned on the couch which was pushed by Barbolox for her to sit. It was stained with blood and also had marks of food on it. The queen rubbed a finger and made a horrible expression. She hated dirtying her so valuable clothes. The queen closed her eyes and made an image of a chair in her mind. Immidiately clouds of mist came out and changed their shape into a chair. The queen sat on this. The kings were left open mouthed. “Well, well. What have I missed?” The queen asked. “We were talking about pursuing King Barbolox into helping us.” Dehuntun said plainly. “Hmmm… Let me think.” Elvira asked for silence.
thats very nice kushagra5 :D
i read ur story its Awsome g0 for it :)
btw ,i too have a story , and i have read some books i created it in a way that people are able to enjoy it :D so if anyone would like to hear it out ^^
or maybe later anways keep writing man :D
for kushagra5:
Barbarians in great capital? That just doesn't adds up. But you have really flourished as a writer. Great job mate :)
glad to see there's still some writing on this site.

keep it up. =)
I havent gone ahead with the 5th chapter. Sorry guys. Will start it now. Glad to see people liking my story. I think i will post again agter a week and hopefully that post will be a chapter
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