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Server lag ?

AuthorServer lag ?
I tried chrome, firefox and opera
But still have a severe server lag ?

Is it only me or everyone else have the same issue ?
I am not having lag at the moment. It may have been something you have had at the time. I will move this to the technical forums and if you are still getting lag, which I hope you are not, feel free to post again and see if there can be a solution.
Topic moved from "Queries and help" to "Technical support".
Lag still continues
Map and battle takes hours to load

P.s :- works well in Mobile
that hapens to me when i just search for player herald artic and artic why?
i think just a lag on our pcs :)
It must be something on your end, as I didn't have any lags (except sometimes when loading event battles).
closed by Magier (2013-05-15 21:33:55)
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