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** Edwin and Lady Laitha is official an couple **


Author** Edwin and Lady Laitha is official an couple **
A joyous occasion has happen this great game has broken the boundaries of this virtual world and brought two people together in real life. One is a dear friend of mine Lady Laitha the other is a person I getting to like more and more for each day. He is nice kind and funny but best of all he makes my good friend very happy.
So everybody join me in congratulating the official announcement of this fantastic couple.

**A big congratz to Edwin and Lady Laitha or Mr. and Mrs. Ed (as I chose to call them :p) **

P.s. if you ever hurt LL I will dive bomb you with griffs ;o)


Lady Laitha
Aww, thats cute!
Gratz :3
Big congrats two the both of you! But I better stop talking before I start saying nice things about someone...
As I have said, it is very complimenting to me to see LWM bring two people close together in real life.
And especially when it is two people so decent, and respected by the community, it just boosts my mood up beyond imagining =)
My congrats to you, and the very best wishes to cherish a great and firm relationship!
Gratz! Best wishes to you :)
is this really true? hard to believe. hmmm

That is great, best wishes for both of you!

Gefeliciteerd :)

Wens jullie het beste ;)!
Best of luck to both of you my friends. (hugz)
Mr and Mrs Ed, or should i say Mr and Mrs nooby, i am very happy for both of you two.

You have my best wishes.
well congratulation Mr and Mrs Ed** :)
Best of luck,have some real fun :P
Big congratz :)
Best of all for u ;)
Best of luck,have some real fun :P
Best of luck,have some real fun :P
Have fun and good luck both
Ermm, it's kinda wierd it says they are twins on their profile xD
Gl to both of you xD
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