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death2all-----> Level 8!!!

Authordeath2all-----> Level 8!!!
And my friend levels up!!!

amazing work bro,u"Ve flourished as a player ever since I first visited your profile.

U"ve got loads and loads of challenges and levels up ahead,I wish you the very bestest of lucks(:P) for the future.

Also wish you much luck for your smithing(beleive it bro,u"ll need it :P)

And finally,Congratzz :)
Player banned by moderator Magier until 2013-07-09 15:15:11 // long string violation

(party) :D
Player banned by moderator Elrond until 2013-07-10 01:19:05 // FR 4.2.1. Using long strings in thread title and message is forbidden.
gratz mate
Congratz :)
Keep the good work up, death!
Congratzz mate :)
congrats mate :)
Nice death. Gratz! ^^
I think I missed a comma here :P

Nice, death. Gratz! ^^
:) thxs all it took me quite a while to get to where i am, which if you think about it is terible :)
Congrats :)
gratzz well done :)
Nice ;)
1v1 mee :D
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