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(@) Dr Damage (@) Reaches lvl 9


Author(@) Dr Damage (@) Reaches lvl 9
You are pretty fast on those are'nt you? :)

Gratz and keep going ;)

gratz buddy
well he is still on lvl 8 but he is coming to 9 soon
Gahhh! Wasn't going to level up for another three weeks!

Need to go two my dads on friday for a two weeks aha :P

Now you've made this thread, I'll have to level up today!!
Thanks dude :D

So yeah.. Time to level!! :P.

I am going quick :O

I have a feeling my Lab guild is a bit low atm :'(
Now I'm level 9 :D

Gratz buddy !!!!
Gratz buddy :)
congratz :)
congratz mate!
congratz :)
! Congrats :) a bit fast i think :P
! Congrats :) a bit fast i think :P
congrats enjoy your guards and crusaders once you get them
Thanks again all!

And I get them tomorrow Abby ;D

Aww. The fun you can have with this game :)
gratz but how we lv up at the same time?
Gratz Dr !
Congrats :)
Congratulations Damage! Now you can catch up to me ;)
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