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Hacked account

AuthorHacked account
hello please help
My account was hacked yesterday.
1. the email ID was changed to [email protected]
2. All wood and ore sold in market
3. 20000 gold transferred to :- https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=3225253
4. I had earned one diamond and that was also exchanged for gold.

Please help admins.
I am in big trouble.
the transfers made to vicky666 and dark_snow are done by me and not the hacker to safe keep my remaining things
Please help. I have lost 20000 gold and 1 diamond
Did you read this?
Yes I read that, but no one is relpying:(
just noticed, I lost 1400 gold to this guy today:-

now I have changed password after 3 days but still I need to get back my 21400 gold plus 1 diamond back, please help:)
also lost some arts to the player in post 6
all gold and resources + 1 enchanted mithril longsword went to:-

from the player mentioned in post 6

recieving arts from many
The only way to deal with this is to follow the instructions in link given by post #4. This is not a technical problem.
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