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my mozilla firefox always crash and lag

Authormy mozilla firefox always crash and lag
what i gonna to do to fix it?i try to refresh it but a few second it crash again.i used to online using firefox but now i using google chrome.i kinna like mozilla firefox compare google chrome coz firefox support this server i mean i can enter a battle but using google chrome sometime it appear u need to install adobe reader and i did it but it suddenly come out again so my choice is firefox but always crash:(
If it wasn't for greasemonkey scripts, I'd be using chrome. Why isn't chrome not working for you ? Not adobe reader, it has nothing to do with this game. Maybe adobe flash ? I hate flash ... they release stable versions full of crashes and ineffectiveness, I stopped updating it :P
chrome working
I also had a lot of flash crash problems with firefox. Now I use chrome and it works much better.
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ow sorry for my mistake i finally get my firefox fix as soon i update it to latest version thanks guys.i gonna close this thread
closed by warrior100 (2013-11-05 05:54:15)
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