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About Hotkeys

AuthorAbout Hotkeys
Hey everyone

So, I was wondering whether you could use Hotkeys in order to select the Spell Book instantly for instance, instead of having to click it AND THEN click the spell and then the enemy. Hotkeys to instantly Wait or Defend would be good aswell imho, to make things faster or just if you're very lazy and dont feel like clicking.

Do they exist in the game or they havent yet implemented them?

And ty in advance
Hotkeys to instantly Wait
Hotkeys to instantly Defend
They do exist I believe
Hotkeys to instantly Defend
No need to hit Ctrl. D for Defend and W for wait. Just make sure you are not typing for the hotkeys to work.

Why are you using Ctrl NONAME ? Does it make the hotkeys work during typing by using Ctrl ?
Forgot to say, there are no hotkeys for any other function of the game, only the W and D hotkeys exist so far.

Q: Are there any function keys in combat?
A: There are several combat function keys:
[Ctrl]+[Left click] - detailed information about troop stack;
[Shift]+[Drag mouse] - division of army during arrangement (arrangement is done on the troops bar);
[Shift]+[Left click] - Melee strike for shooters;
[W] - wait;
[D] - defend;
Alright, thanks for the help everyone, I didnt know that.
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