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How to find CG battles?

AuthorHow to find CG battles?
Hey guys! I am planning to start doing CG(especially duels) and wanted to find CG battles with level 12-13 elves for reference, is there any index where I can search for it? If not can someone please post links to a few such battles?
You could use the lgnd.ru or something like that.

Or you could atleast try a game or two yourself...
Find some random CG player at your level, go to his combat log, find other CG players, watch their battles ;)

Find a good player who wins almost every duel (won't be that hard to find such a player), and watch his battles.
Someone please help me find someone like that xD
Just try a few battles, you will quickly get the hang of them.
look at my combat log, there you can find some battles in last 2-3 pages :)

Every row on those tables is a battle. Click on the second column (date and time) and you will see the players stats. There, click on the link above the players stats (the one starting with a # and ending with the date and time of the battle) and you will see the replay!!

Both are good players though I thought hobe was better.
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