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how to win!


Authorhow to win!
admin please tell me how to win this battle.

why increase "Castle" wg of wiz so much, if you lose there is no decrease.

we have a thread for it use that one
Lol there have been many arguments on whether some wg's are impossible or not, this, I can guarantee is the most impossible battle I have ever seen!!

You opponent get far more troops than you, similar or even better stats, AND gets the advantage of being the castle owner, not possible, ever.
Very hard indeed
maybe you could have gone as might chaos wiz...those genies are pretty strong

still I doubt if you could win that seeing the army count of your enemy
Well it's impossible no matter what you do... even if you get fortune genies and one shot kill something he can instantly raise it back anyway.
This is one of the castle battles I had foreseen and warned about. But no, certain people were convinced that it would always be doable.
And you even lucked out in this one and seemed like you had control over the catapult but since it isn't that much upgraded as one would in the event, you needed 3 shots for a tower and is practicly useless. Just that one stack of dragons would have even been enough for the AI, it practicly cleaned the whole field.

So here is a chance for those 'convinced' ones to proof me wrong and win this battle by the faction CatTail played with by. And not by another faction since these 'convinced' are also still convinced that the AI troops are different for all the factions, so there.
All I'm gonna say is that, they don't really care about us.
ye of little faith. I had mentiod about this in a previous post - there happens to be a very specific tactic needed to win

see here for similar


In essence do not destroy the second tower. Instead weaken it to one shot of its death, then instead punch a hole in the wall so you can do max lightning damage to them.

If they have the shooting advantage (only true if some towers left) then they will stay behind the wall. It is then about defening till you grind them down

Good luck!
@randomr1 haha! very good point!
well, they have a weird, unbalanced formula for WG troops increase and decrease.
thats why we get so easy and very hard quest.

I believe and hope they will work and solve these issues in future.
You win by casting chain lightning on dreadlords. And maybe get rid of mana restore talent.
As a Tribal I could have won this one 3 Star. But as a Wizard this indeed is a tough one.
@Lord MilesTeg, that one is not even similar, it's tribals instead of unholy necro. With that army of unholy necro, wizard has no chance, from the looks of it most factions don't even have a chance. Also there are 3 towers, so you can destroy 2 of them and they still won't come out because they still have main tower. See how I did against tribal: https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=726679053
I found tribal one of the easiest to play castle battle against, all they do is press defend and loose tribal points, I would even sometimes run out of catapult ammo shooting their troops inside the castle.
MilesTeg is right, they went forward after you have destroyed the second tower, because they lost ranged advantage.

I didnt play the event as wizz, but I saw Miles battle. Just destroy the wall and bring them down calmly. Maybe also use the raise dead spell to negate some dmg from the dragons, but I am not sure about this one.

With the tactic Miles described, definetly possible, I see no other way.
Nope, MilesTeg is not right, in the event I always destroyed 2 of the 3 towers and they never came out untill the 3th tower was destroyed as well. They still wouldn't even come out after I had taken down the front gate after the 2 towers as well.
just one of them: https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=726679053
In all my castle battles I kept only the main tower alive untill I almost ran out of catapult shots shooting the AI's defending troops and only then destroyed the main tower. This way I got the most of it even at a loss. One unholly necro AI even used up all his 210 mana raising while defending.
Nope, MilesTeg is not right, in the event I always destroyed 2 of the 3 towers and they never came out untill the 3th tower was destroyed as well. They still wouldn't even come out after I had taken down the front gate after the 2 towers as well.

He was talking about not killing all the towers so they dont come out. What are you trying to say your confusing ?
@_-_Kratos_-_, you only need to leave one tower standing, Lord MilesTeg sais to not destroy the 2nd tower and so leave 2 towers still standing.
Any example of what happened in our battles as a guide is trumped by what happened in her battle. Therefore my advice is based not upon purely what I did but based upon what happened to her. In her baatle the rest of the necro troops came out when the second tower was destroyed, therefore I gave the advice, and stand by it unless some actual evidence (her batte with it not happening) to not destroy that tower to delay them rushing her.
I know kind of irrelevant now since CatTail can no longer fight that battle but I donlt like people thinking I am wrong when I am pretty convinced I am not

With the limited number of level 21 players - and it being a wizard, i thought I may get lucky and stumble across the battle where it was won. I couldn;t be bothered to trawl much further - but came across this one


It is long and to be honest, boring, but in it he uses a rubbish catapult that takes ages to destroy the first tower (the battle is over and he wins before he even gets the second tower destroyed, and not because he kills them quick!)

Critically however, for him, the moment he destroys the first tower all the troops that hid away come out and rush him.

The point therefore is this. For Wizrd to win, your best shot is to outlast him, by having him hide behind the wall and you zap from outside. Destroying towers will result in him coming out to attack you, this could be after 1 or 2 towers and ultimately I believe will be based upon AI's judgement of their ranged power factoring in their total HP, vs your ranged power and total hp.

So to win you need to destroy as many towers as possible to live longer and not get shot to pieces - balanced against not destroying too many towers as this will cause them to rush you.

For level 21 classic wiz we have an example of them rushing when 2 towers destroyed - whereas for a level 21 battlewise wiz they did so after the first tower was destroyed.
You should have casted aoe spells... like meteor rain on the other side instead of zapping on dragons only. You casted single lightning way too many times and he could always raise the stack back to nearly full hp.

If you used meteor rain on the other side, preferably on dreadlords and envoys.. AI would have a harder time keeping his stacks closer to 100% like what happened in your battle. I'm not saying you could have won, as their numbers seem very large... but the way you died was terrible.. you pretty much lost to a stack solo dragons.
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