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How to report offensive private mail?

AuthorHow to report offensive private mail?
So I beat the player 'flashweb' in one single game of cards, and he sent me an abusive PM which I believe is against the rules to repeat here. The PM was racist in nature, besides complaining about my 'luck' - I simply timed a couple of cards right to interfere with his resources - so how can I report this, or this kind of thing acceptable here?

He blacklisted me, rather than discuss things like a man :)
I've lived things like this in LWM aswell, it's sad to see it happen.

And I think you can report it here btw:
And I think you can report it here btw:

That section is for complaints regarding battles and card games. In this case, the player was rude in Private Message, not the card game itself.

https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4555918 - Insults deals with complaints about private messages. To forward it to insults click "reply" on the message and change the recipient to Insults.
Thanks guys :)
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