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Playing which Two Towers card can`t even possibly grant you victory?

New successes
This is a really impossible for players who don't smith.

How many guild points would repairing a full Ranger set earn?

Earthquake -1 to all mines
Rainbow +1 to all tower
New Successes +8 to wall, +5 to tower
Stone eater 8 damage and -1 enemy mine

So Earthquake

81 from previous thread

Which ability may allow to retaliate against one attack twice?

Unlimited retaliation
Double strike

Vigilance because enemy stack walk into range (1. vigilance trigger)
attack the stack, got retaliated (2. normal retaliation) ?

Unlimited retaliation because of concentration talent ?
Vigilance may give an free shot, but this isn't retalation, it's an opportunity attack.

I haven't tested unlimited retalation with concentration attack against any unit with double/triple strike, but what concentration does is make you retail before the enemy, not add an extra retalation, plus it shouldn't require an talent to trigger, it supposely to work alone.

I believe Assault is the answer.
If you attack 2 adjacent stacks of assailant lizard for instance, one will retalate, and the next one will also retaliate.
Oh right, I forgot assault can also jump in when your adjacent stack is retaliating
I also think it's this one now

But to be fair, the exact wording for concentration is
If the defending stack has "Unlimited Retaliation", it will retaliate twice, before and after the attack on itself
Unlimited retaliation because of concentration talent ?

Well, an assault attack is not really a retaliation. After all, it only does 50% damage. But it could be the answer, though I still think it is unlimited retaliation.
What is the location with the most mining facilities?

Port City
Eagle Nest
Empire Capital
Wolf Dale

I check
Eagle Nest 8 mining

Empire Capital 8 mining

Wolf Dale 9 mining

but I dont know where is the Port city
The answer is wolf dale. Port city is in the east.
You mean harbor city, it has 5 mining
Ah yes, sorry, they changed the name from Port City to Harbor City this year. I guess they forgot to update this question.
Thank you very much
How much maximum Tribal spirit is a stack able to get on any one creature turn?

Between 800 and 1000
Between 600 and 800
Between 300 and 400
Between 400 and 600
If concentration allows to retaliate twice, then I would go with unlimited retalation.
for masaru_kd2:
Past quarries seem to suggest Between 800 and 1000
for Angel of Death
the answer is not include concentration
so I think it is not unlimited retalation

I think assault
How many creature abilities can increase their attack in any way?


Old threads have varying answers, some said 6, some said 8, some counted 12
I counted 7
Bloodlust, Caster (chastise), Madness, Random Caster: Holy & Darkness, Rage, Sacrifice Goblin, Tribal Spirit

I am more concerned about how the help section might not include every abilities or how the sphinx questions are old and may be outdated.
berserker can increase attack with madness
yes, I counted Madness

Post #54, says 6.
Tribal spirit shouldn't count, since not all units gets extra attack/damage from it. EG: Tribal goblin, no extra attack/dmg at level 1,2 and 3.
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