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i dont wanna play this game anymore... dont have the time but my freind is playing and i wonder if i can give him my items money? or will he get banned?
No, it is not allowed.

3.15.3. Transfers for the reason of leaving the game etc. are forbidden. Empire is the only character for liquidation transfers
you can give him a gift max 30% your of gold and max 10k*CL (in your case - 50k) per month but never if the only reason is your quit the game
sorry for double post

dont have the time
play when you have time:) you dont need to spent all of your time to play LWM like 95% other online games. You can take a break for a long time and you still lose almost nothing. Some players dont have time to play too for a months and nothing happen :)
okay! thank you for answer :D
However, it is best for you to actually name gifts instead of just transferring them. And it's rather odd how Korven said thanks for a question Dennis asked.

Transfer log of korven1
2015-12-27 17:24: Transferred 2000 Gold for dennissugerkuk, Commission charged: 20

Please be sure to write why you've sent the gold when you transfer it. Otherwise it may look like an illegal transfer :b
okay! thank you for answer :D

Is this your other character / account?

I recommend you take time to read the rules

I am guessing some alternate chars etc, just go through this once and then ask if any queries :)
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