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Inventory tab ?

AuthorInventory tab ?
i notice a new tab "renting"now, is it there before!

i think it is a new tab there. didnt notice that before
That has been around for quite a while. Whenever you rent from your clan depot, arts end up there.
It's been there forever. I think since Shop Artifact Renting was made an option.
It's been there forever.
huh really? i just noticed it :o
lol, yeah It's been there forever.
The renting tab was introduced at the same time the other tab options were introduced back in 2010 - https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1893304

It will hold anything that you lease directly from other players, depositories, the artifact shop. So no, it is nothing new ;)

closed by Corey (2016-01-02 00:38:45)
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