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initiative imbalance


Authorinitiative imbalance
for Poison Ivy:Backpack Item is included in hero's attack and def parameters, which we have already counted.
I am still looking for an answer..
for instance, the clan bonus is shown in ai description.

I am still looking for an answer..

I think you have come as close as you are going to get for the answer. I cannot see anyway to account for the discrepancy in attack/defense other than to assume that the FL of the AI opponent is considered to be 10.5. However, no 10.5 bonus would exist for human players.

I have been considering it over the last couple of days and I just cannot rationalise it any other way! ;) It is clear that the backpack/clan bonus options aren't an issue.

It is probably possible to close the initiative gap however. This could be achieved through an increase in FL to 11, increasing your TG level and perhaps having a couple of armaments.
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