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[New Event][Soon the new portal!]


Author[New Event][Soon the new portal!]
Heroes, court magician Abu Bakr reports about the imminent opening of the portal of time. According to his calculations, this must happen tomorrow at 7:00 am on 12 August. All the heroes of the battle of the 5th level , wishing to participate in the upcoming expedition to the past, it should be well prepared and check all the necessary ammunition from the state store.

Important battles in the upcoming portal will be held under the new rules:
1) The fights will be available to players only from the 5th Combat level;
2) The battles will take place in the format of 1 on 1,
3) only those creatures will be scored in the battles that have been found at the enterprises of the Empire.

Regulations on creatures for a set time in the portal:
1) Being hidden in all enterprises of the Empire. Location beings for the characters different combat levels different;

2) At midnight each day, the location of creatures changes;

3) Search creatures available in Empire factories and will take some time, after which they can be attacked;

4) The fight will be held in the new format found against the creatures and their leader;

5) With every search, the search time will increase. With the victory the search time will be reset to the original;

6) defeated creatures will be available immediately for a set time in the portal;

7) For the victory over the creatures will be issued by +0.1 points to Hunter Guild and the magic stone of this creature;

8) After earning a certain amount of magic stones certain creatures , it can be improved by two to four times;

9) Last improving open access to a new human being, not previously encountered in the vast Empire;

10) number of wins over the creatures is limited and can not exceed 20 + [number of fights in the portal] * 7. Search creatures available today! For a discussion of the new portal of time and coordination There is a new search was created section of the forum . Get plenty of wins!

Google translate :)
Wow back to back events.

Thanks admins <3
"number of wins over the creatures is limited"

What does that mean exactly?
capture creature in the facility and use them to attack in portal event?
Hmm, interesting. no castle requirement, to raise fsp resistance time?
enchants work =)
Just captured these, took 1 min: Tamed minotaurs have been captured! Recruit cost for Portal of Time: 6 creatures for 9 CoT. it also has option of attacking, not sure what it means though :S
"number of wins over the creatures is limited"

probably u cant recapture the same creature again and again
Feels like pokemon go lol
creatures are scattered everywhere in map..
Full AP to capture troops?
for paladinleader:
You need to attack and defeat the Minos before you can recruit them for PoT
for Meshy:
I just managed to capture tamed Wyverns with 15ap
ok..geared up and ready for events
NOt sure if you can see this, but here's my example of beating the minos: https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=788695922 was in 10 AP so not too hard. THe "leader" has like buffs for all the other stacks until its dead, so make it a priority to kill it first :)

@Night Crawler, it does doesn't it haha
This seems like fun.

By the sounds of it if you want to use a creature in the portals - You will need to hunt it first. So go and collect as many troops so that you have options available to you.
Seems like it does get harder with a sequence of wins. Or perhaps it just depends on the troops. I got mauled by the treefolk in min AP - 3rd battle. 1min 45 seconds to search after 1 loss.
for Corey:
dont think its getting harder.. they are all like green hunts.. i think.
I guess this way it does restrict previous strategies used even more than the changing CoT prices. Interestingly it does say: Many of these upgrades have never been encountered in the Empire before! in the gem upgrade bit
totally random, your hunting setup cannot predict which creature you will encounter, so after 1 minute, check which creature it is , and change the setup
Feels like pokemon go lol

Omg I was just going to say that! xD

I bet admins got the idea from this xD

Hmm so what arts should I wear? Min? Full? I also have some enchants, though now regret not stocking up more xD
i wear min, and i caught rocs for pot event..thats nice!
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