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No longer saving pass

AuthorNo longer saving pass
So, my HD is a bit full... I've run the C: clean disk, I've selected a few options... One of them was "remove offline internet." After the process, I can no longer save the password on my firefox... When I go to the security tab, I can see the optio checked "save login for websites" but the option for save password is gone... I tried to reinstall, restaure, import pass from other browser...

I think the firefox reg key is bugged and I would need to do a truly complete unistall, however I am too lazy too save each favorite link that I've stored... I tried to import on chrome, but no luck... I get an instant message saying "import complete" and that green ok button, but it doesn't import anything.

So... Did anybody screwed the firefox like that before?
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Have you cleared the cache and deleted the cookies as a first step?
Nope, I didn't, didn't seemed related. Just did, no dice.
The odd thing is... IE and Chrome works just like nothing ever happened... Flawless.

The places where there's an option to "keep me connected" maintain me connected, however the password/login tab remains blank.
1. Click the ≡ Menu Button and choose Options.
2. Click the Security tab.
3. Make sure "Remember passwords for sites" is checked.
4. Click the Exceptions button. If you have any sites listed there, click the Remove All button.
5. Close the options window.

6. Type about:config into the address bar and press Enter.
7. To bypass the warning, press the big button labeled "I'll be careful, I promise!".
8. In the search box, paste signon.overrideAutocomplete
9. In the search results, double-click signon.overrideAutocomplete to set its value to true.

You could try the above steps.
There is no option to check "remember passwords for sites" only logins, and it's checked.

See screen shot 1.


I tried to import the passwords from chrome, it says it was been successful, but the password area remains blanked. See screen shots 2 to 6.


There is also nothing exceptions impeding firefox to memorize my password from this site. (which was stored and working before btw.)

As for the signon override, there is no such thing...
But all the other options for auto filling password and storage are marked as true. See Screen shot 7.


Idk... I think when my computer cleaned the disk, it did removed some important DL files that it shouldn't and as consequence, the firefox cannot function as a whole, because there is some keys missing from his usual repertory of reading...
What is beyond me however, is why the firefox cannot detect that there is something missing and re download it? I have no way to know which DL is missing nor where to find it.
So I though, if I completely remove any left over key from the register, it theorically could (or not) force the firefox to do a new and more thoughtful instalation which could (or not) reinstall this dammit missing DL. Just theory though. Problem is, I cannot import my fav links to another browser... Cause whatever is missing seems to be necessary to execute this kind of fuction... So in sume, it's messed up.
Let me post one SS by one, since it's in portuguese and it updated outside the order that I sent. Sorry.

SS 1 = http://imgur.com/X1st3zm
SS 2/6 = http://imgur.com/ri0k0wH
SS 3 = http://imgur.com/hbEl5G0
SS 4 = http://imgur.com/MDcDbSQ
SS 5 = http://imgur.com/5QIW78d
SS 7 = http://imgur.com/pEglY02
In the SS 1, the thing below the marked logins is a master password, not the same as auto fill pass for websites.
Problem solved. So yesterday I've changed my region location to try something...
Since It was the first time I did, I didn't knew it would mess up with the firefox...

I changed back, things were normal once again. Oops.
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