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Diamond exchange rates are not correct

AuthorDiamond exchange rates are not correct
Hi, on the donation page it says that
Rate of exchange: 1 = $0.45 (USD) ≈ ˆ0.39 (EUR) = 27 RUB => 2500
However when you try to buy a diamond that you can only buy approximately 65% of the amount with real money. For example you need to pay 59.61 EUR for 100 Diamonds or 39.00 EUR gives you only 65.42 Diamonds. I've checked many alternative methods and currencies, they are similar too (except mobile payments, which are more expensive (obvious))
Prices went up on the first of July.



And one more important note. For the last 10 years we’ve kept Diamond prices the same (in Russian rubles). Unfortunately, the ruble has depreciated a lot compared to other world currencies. The latest teconomical situation has forced us to raise the Diamond price from 27 rubles to 40 rubles, effective July 1, 2017.

It's simply the rate on the page that needs to be updated.
closed by Meshy (2017-08-01 23:15:40)
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